Which Political Party do you support in Goa

In a diverse political climate in Goa, where ideological divisions amongst Goan political parties are disappearing, it is important to gauge where one stands.

In Goa, there are following principal political parties: BJP, Congress, GFP, MGP, AAP. Besides, a sizeable number of people maybe party agnostic and may be supporting individuals

Created by: Gaurav Naik
  1. What is your age group
  2. What is your Religion?
  3. Where do you originally hail from?
  4. What is the most important function motive of a political party
  5. Should Mopa Airport be built
  6. What are your views on Casinos
  7. What are your views on mining
  8. What are your views on medium of instruction
  9. What are your views on RSS
  10. What are your views on Goan Church

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Quiz topic: Which Political Party do I support in Goa