Political Spectrum (India)

India is the worlds most populous democracy. Its political system is diverse and caters to many different points of view. This quize will attempt to see which party fits your views best

This quiz is 12 questions long. Its purpose is to gunge your political views and determine which party's platform best suits you. Is one of the traditional choices or are you unique?

Created by: rofllol
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  1. Should the government censor speech, press, media, or internet that is offensive to certain people?
  2. Should there be any laws regarding sex/marriage for consenting adults?
  3. India's civil code should be:
  4. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution:
  5. Equality should be:
  6. India's Foreign Policy should be:
  7. Corruption in India;
  8. Pakistan is;
  9. FDI is;
  10. The best method to fight terrorism is;

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