Which Danish Political Party Should You Support? 2021.

In this quiz, you will have to answer wether you disagree or agree, and to what extend you disagree with a range of statements. Depending on your answers, you will be told which Danish political party fits you best.

The quiz only has 10 parties in it due to the max that GoToQuiz allow for. Therefore the parties: The Alternative, The Vegan Party and others are not represented in this quiz. These parties were picked not to be in the quiz because they're polling below 1% on average in polls.

Created by: Andefar
  1. It is an issue if economic inequality rises further.
  2. It is an advantage for Denmark to be a member of the European Union.
  3. Denmark should increase military spending.
  4. Denmark should invest more in the agricultural sector, as to help them 'go green'.
  5. Denmark should support an EU wide minimum wage.
  6. Denmark should look towards nuclear power as an alternative.
  7. The law banning face coverings in public, and thereby the Burqa and the Niqab, should remain in place.
  8. Denmark should become a secular country. (Denmark currently has freedom of religion, but still has a state church.)
  9. Denmark should remain a monarchy.
  10. It should be mandatory that both of the parents take some paid leave after having a child.
  11. Taxes are too high in Denmark.
  12. Denmark should leave the UN convention on refugees.
  13. More higher education should be removed out of the big cities.
  14. Denmark should have permanent border control on the German border.
  15. The 'top tax' (a 15% tax on highest earners) should be removed.
  16. The Islamic call to prayer should be banned.
  17. The car registration tax should be removed. (85% of the car's price for non-electic/hybrid cars)
  18. Being transgender (having gender dysphoria) should no longer be considered a mental illness.
  19. Voting age should be decreased to 16 years.
  20. Religious circumcision of minors, which does not a have verified medical reason behind it, should be banned.
  21. The age of retirement should increase faster than currently planned. (Will reach 72 by 2050)
  22. Statens Uddannelsesst√łtte (a monthly amount of money given to all students above 18, with the amount being differentiated on factors like income, whether you live at home and distance from your home to the school) should be cut.
  23. Denmark should remove the defence reservation, which blocks Denmark from joining joint EU military and defence programs.
  24. More money should be redistributed from wealthy municipalities to poorer ones.
  25. Buying and smoking hash should be legal.
  26. Deportation centres should be placed far away from cities.
  27. Universities should be expected to ensure that their research and education is actually used for education, and not for agenda pushing and brain washing.
  28. Mass killing all minks in Denmark was the correct thing to do. (It was done due to a mutation of COVID-19)
  29. Investment in public transportation should be prioritised over investments into new roads.
  30. We should adopt a German-style abortion model. ([no urls])

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Quiz topic: Which Danish Political Party should I Support? 2021.