How much do you agree with the Nazi party platform?

Many politicians in the US are compared to Adolf Hitler or accused of being "Nazis" constantly. However, while they may agree with one or two minor points which the Nazi party said, very few politicians (or people in general) actually embrace Nazi ideology. To demonstrate this, I have created a quiz based off the Nazi party platform written in 1920.

Feel free to put your own political opinions or someone else's into this. If you receive a high score, you may want to reexamine some of your own views; however, I do not think this will normally happen. Again, it's ok to agree with a few of the statements on this list; that does not mean that you are a Nazi.

Created by: Me of See here for the 1920 Nazi platform
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  1. Everyone in my race should belong to my nation.
  2. The citizens of my nation are having their rights taken away in favor of citizens of other nations.
  3. My nation needs more land for its citizens.
  4. Only members of my race should be citizens of my nation.
  5. Non-citizens should only have the rights the government gives them. They do not deserve more.
  6. The right to have any decision on the laws of the nation (including voting) belongs only to citizens.
  7. The nation should provide a livelihood and a way of life for its citizens. If it cannot provide these for all its citizens, the non-citizens must be expelled from it.
  8. All immigration into my nation should be frozen. All immigrants who have arrived in the past 5 years should be deported immediately.
  9. All citizens must have equal obligations to my nation.
  10. The first obligation of every citizen is to work in the interest of the entire nation. Individuals should not counteract the common interest.
  11. Unearned income should be abolished.
  12. All profit from war should be confiscated by the government.
  13. All major industries should be nationalized.
  14. Very large industries should be required to pay everyone who works in them proportionally to their labor.
  15. Welfare for the elderly should be greatly expanded.
  16. The government should give big department stores to small businesses and them make local governments buy them.
  17. Taxes on land should be abolished. Speculation in land should be illegal. The government should be able to take over land when it needs it without having to pay for it.
  18. The death penalty should be used on all criminals and usurers. Race and religion are no basis for exemption. (This is clearly being used to discriminate against races who are more likely to commit crimes and/or lend money at high interest rates)
  19. Our current laws serve a materialistic world-order.
  20. All gifted students are entitled to higher education. The concept of our nation must be taught in our schools as early as possible.
  21. Exercise and sports should be mandatory.
  22. Our military should be greatly expanded.
  23. It should be illegal for the media to spread lies. Publications, literature, and art which are destructive to our nation should be illegal.
  24. Religious freedom does not extend to religions which are harmful to my nation or to my race.
  25. The national government should have unlimited authority over the whole nation and all of the organizations within it.

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Quiz topic: How much do I agree with the Nazi party platform?