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How social nationalist are you?There will be 30 statements written down and you will answer wether you agree or not then once you answered all of the questions will get a % on how much you agree with social nationalism

This ideology is not to be confused with Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism or Nazi.png National Socialism. t has seen a rise in support amongst right wing European groups and may present itself as a status quo in the future.

Created by: Hubert Zikowski of Socnat
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  1. Nationalism or atleast Traditionalist is the only way a nation should be ran
  2. if you leave capitalism by itself without regulation then the nation will drown itself in consumerism/materialism and degeneracy.
  3. The broad direction of the economy should be a Rhine capitalism but specific issues should be left for the people to decide as they know best about the economy since they are the only participants of it.
  4. Starting a family, having children and serving the nation is the purpose of life
  5. Communism is great in theory but just doesnt work in practice we've seen communist states rise and fall and they always end in the same problem.
  6. We need to help foreign nationalists movements better and faster than the west can help foreign Progressivist movements.
  7. All of the immigration into the nation must be from people who are willing to give up their entire old way of life for ours. They should speak our national language in our country and celebrate our holidays with us, the case should be that when you look at that person who immigrated you look at them and think they are local rather than think "where is he from?" therefore to fully integrate a person must pass as a local to be a local.
  8. we must indulge in Welfare chauvinism, if theese people want to come to our nation it must because they love our nation and that they want to become part of our nation rather than use up our kind welfare and have an easier life.
  9. I expect a lot of migration to our nation from progressive hellholes who will exploit their people once our great ideas are achieved
  10. the point of a country is to ensure the best life for the people inside its borders.
  11. We should invest state resources into integration strategies like having no other languages than the national on signs and having all the music and entertainment be exclusively in the national language too and also to make national celebrations big and loud to make sure they know everyone is participating.
  12. Lwow is rightfully Polish territory and should be returned into Poland
  13. if the new migrants comming here commit crimes they should be deported if its a major crime.
  14. When it comes to annexing new terriories into our nation the people who live there can keep their culture. (overtime they will also be slowly integrated due to the above mentioned policies.)
  15. A traditionalist lifestyle is the best for every person. It brings the most satisfaction and unity within a people. Rather then spending your life constantly consuming or indulging in hedonistic behaviours which destroy your sense of morality and purpose it is best to go out and make a family.
  16. if that is a hard thing to do for you then the state can help with state dating apps and mandatory youth centers and if you still have no luck after that you can get the gratification of serving your nation and people instead.
  17. Social collectivism is neccesary for anything, any ideology that pushes forward individualism is inherently inefficent and sometimes just plain bad one man cannot do anything great without others, everything meaningfull in the bigger picture requires cooperation and coordination.
  18. Individualism destroys Identity, culture and people and instead of showing the real special parts of people makes up a sense of specialness for everyone which is reality is the same thing.
  19. Theese things along with discipline and keeping to traditional gender roles needs to be tought in state schools and degeneracy should be punished with mockery or fines if major enough.
  20. To ensure that the future of our nation is bright and happy we need to make sure that the people know what everything they do means for them and their families and should be pushed in the direction of the best option.
  21. Until Nationalism or atleast traditionalism is the government of almost every country in the world we must indulge in globalism, The only way to make sure that our superior system of thought and life is not replaced by something else in the future is to have people who believe in the same things that can help you so we need Interventionism
  22. Progressives are either mislead or plain evil
  23. Authoritarianism is the only way to ensure people stay moral but if it is driven to totalitarianism it is as bad as libertarianism
  24. Democracy is nothing but a scam
  25. Sectarianism between nationalists is idiotic. Our people are being made nothing but empty shells and people still have the audacity to argue about taxes.
  26. The media nowadays cannot be trusted.
  27. Monarchy is fine, whats important is that the authoritarian leader of the nation is a nationalist.
  28. Modern foreign policy relies on allying countries who think like us despite our historical rivalries.
  29. Memes are a good propaganda tool and should be utilised
  30. The global elite is progressive and they dictate our laws so we should be always ready to stand up for our ideas even to death

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