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After seeing that Reddit post with the old socnat test which I personally thought someone would never find, I decided to make a more modern variant with not just a percentage but also different types of Social Nationalism.

I would have added more questions, but the thing is the people behind Social Model and Reformist Socnat I've lost contact with over time, and so I could only base it on the PCBA pages and what I remembered.

Created by: Hubert Zikowski
  1. Traditionalism is the only legitimate way the culture within a state shall be shaped.
  2. If you leave capitalism without any regulation then the community of the state will degenerate.
  3. How much of the economy shall be delegated to local autonomies
  4. Pronatalism is one of the most important things nowadays, as immigration will not solve the demographic crisis.
  5. Is universal Nationalism the right way to move forward? ([no urls])
  6. What type of Nationalism?
  7. Welfare Chauvinism?
  8. Should we take in refugees from hyperprogressivist countries until their homes return to a more normal society (something like Russia's village for conservative americans)
  9. Native minorities shall gain autonomy status.
  10. Collectivism is necessary for nationalism and for the functioning of an identity/nation in general
  11. The youth should be positively subjected to Propaganda and nationalist values in schooling
  12. Democracy is
  13. Sectarianists in the nationalist movement who argue about economics, the scope of involvement from the government or religion only hurt us.
  14. East vs West
  15. Ukraine V Russia

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