Is The Australian Shepherd Right for You?

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The Australian Shepherd is a great dog! They're intelligent, super trainable, they're active but also love to cuddle, Aussies grow incredible bonds with their owners, and they're just plain fun to be around! Aussies can be a lot of work though!

As fun as this breed is, they're certainly not right for everyone! This quiz is perfect if you're thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd of your own or just want to see if your providing the perfect home for your already existing Aussie! Take this awesome Aussie quiz and find out if the Australian Shepherd is right for you!

Created by: Kitty Cat
  1. Australian Shepherds are a "Must Train" kind of dog! How much time could you spend training with your Aussie?
  2. Aussies love affection and thrive from lots of plays and pets! How often could you spend playing, and show him or her love?
  3. Active! Active! Active! Aussies need lots of exercise! How much could you exercise your awesome Aussie?
  4. Aussies are deeply affectionate to there owners, and are known as velcro dogs! Do you want a dog that gives you soooooo much love?
  5. Australian Shepherds are very protective over their family and property. Do think you could handle this protective behavior?
  6. Can you afford to own an Aussie? Theres food and vet visits, etc. The Aussie itself can be a bit pricey.
  7. The Australian Shepherd is not the the best first time dog for most people, but if your up to a challenge, the Aussie could be a great first time dog! Are you a first time dog owner?
  8. Not all Australian Shepherds get along with little children. So that's something to keep in mind. How old is your youngest child?
  9. Aussies need lots of room to run and play! How big is your back yard?
  10. Most Australian Shepherds get destructive if left home all day by their self. How much are you gone?
  11. Australian Shepherds must feel like they have a job to do! Could you provide your Aussie with a job?
  12. Aussies are very wonderful dogs, but certainly aren't the easiest breed to own! So think about it... do you really, truly want one?
  13. What size of dog do you want?
  14. Aussies shed a lot! Are you okay with a dog that sheds a lot?
  15. Do want an allergy friendly dog?
  16. Aussies are very smart and trainable, but can be to smart for their own good, which can make them tough to work with. How smart and trainable do you want your dog to be?
  17. How much time could you spend grooming your dog?
  18. How active do you want your dog to be?
  19. What length of hair do you want your dog to have?
  20. Aussies are a lot of work but are SO worth it, they're the most loyal and intelligent dogs ever! Are you up to the ultimate doggie challenge!?

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