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  • This person is 0% suspicious.

    Well, it seems that this person is safe to talk to online. Though, you should know and remember to never give this person personal information, such as your last name, address, or anything like that. You should never give that information to online users that you do not know. Though, it seems that you are safe talking to this person, from the skill of this quiz.

    YAY!!!! i feel safer this quiz

  • Hello. I am the creator of this quiz, as you may know. Almost everyone has met a creep on the internet, and this quiz was to really see if the person you are talking to is a creep. I am glad your score was nice and low like that.

  • I got 2% LoL, good I can feel more trustworthy now.

    Although I've met some creeps before...

    I like music
  • Got 42 percent

  • 39%, I was mainly referring to one person on here though, LoL :D Good quiz

  • Ok


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