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  • "Walk quietly in the room and poke Selena and ran away. Hehehe"
  • "Hey"
  • "Really?? And thinking of what if may I ask"
  • "I know probably most of my GTQ family and friends aren't here any more but just in case Just wanted to let you all know that y'all still my ..."
  • "Me!!!!!"
  • Pretender!!!
    "Well I have to go. I'll be back soon take care. -hugs-"
  • Pretender!!!
    "I'm sure he will notice you."
  • Pretender!!!
    "You allow to Skype now. Maybe cuz he doesn't have the time or something"
  • Pretender!!!
    "Why would you get crazy and I saw it."
  • Pretender!!!
    "Ok If you like to shown me. And please be happy for who you are. I like you and care the way you are"
  • Pretender!!!
    "Omg don't ever say that again. And you weren't not. Ok. They didn't understand you as I did and still do and don't ever be nervous ok. Just ..."
  • Pretender!!!
    "I remember that. So you both get along now"
  • Pretender!!!
    "Oh her. Anyway. I know bid still here and moyashi too"
  • Pretender!!!
    "Awww thanks. And who else are atill on here that I know of"
  • Pretender!!!
    "Oh I see. Okay. Hugs"

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