Is It Love? or Is It Hate? pt 10

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AGAIN! im so sorry for not making this any sooner...i hope you can forgive me

OK! we finally save Everyone! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! aaaaaaaaaaand bye! *disappears*

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. you pull away from your hug "I hope you can forgive me....putting you up for adoption was the hardest choice me and your mother ever made..." says you dad "Daddy...its ok...I understand why you did it....and it doesnt matter anymore! I finally get to see you" you say
  2. "C'mon! we need to go!" says Robert running towards the door "Robert no!" i shout but it was too late...Robert opened the door...and there stood Preston with three gaurds...."Uh oh" you say "Well, well, well...what a surprise!" says Preston then seeing you beside your father "Isnt that sweet...the prodigal child returns...the master will be even more pleased to see the father and child die..along with her companions." with that being said I jump at him but he turns and kicks me in the stomach i hit the wall behind me and fall to the ground..."ESTHER!" shouts Luke running over to me...then he turns to Preston "You hurt my sister again...and you are gonna wish that you where NEVER born!" he shouts
  3. "I wouldnt count on it" says Preston "Guards take them". Robert takes a lit torch and throws it at Preston's face as he screams in pain I fight off the guards as you run off. Matthew, your father tries to follow you but ended up getting hit falling to the ground unconcious. Michael helps me fight the Guards but he gets hit in the back of his head and becomes unconcious. Luke tells me to go as he takes over the guards. I run out of the place, bumping into you, we get out of the HQs ASAP. as we make it outside you look back at the Head Quarters "We need to go back!" you say "I know I know...we will but we cant now...we must wait until everyone has calmed down...." i say "But it might be too late then!" you say "No it wont....i know NME...the execution wont be starting until midnight...its not even 7:30 pm yet" "Ok...fine...but how are we gonna break in and save them...?" you ask..."I have a thought..."
  4. "Which is?" you ask. "Ok...when midnight falls, we climb up the west wall...we should be able to see the execution area from there...when i give you the signal...we jump in the middle of it all!" i say "Excuse me?! what if the west wall is guarded! or what if they already figure out that we are comming an sets and ambush!!" you say panicing....i smack you in the face "OW!" "SHUT UP AND CALM DOWN! I know what im doing!"
  5. you sigh "Fine....but this better work!" hours had past and it was almost 11:30 pm "Ok c'mon...lets go kick some booty!" i say "Oh...yeah baby!"
  6. Midnight came and we climbed the west wall. I told you my plan again and I climbed down to climb up the east wall(it wasnt easy) you look around and you see Preston, or shall I say Scar. You can see that his face was badly burned from the torch Robert threw at him. And sitting next to him was the ugliest man alive! He put the UG in UGLY! Just then you see a large door open. And out walked four men, you gasp at the sight, Luke, Robert, Michael, and your father Matthew. They led Luke to a gallows pole, Michael to a post, as if to be beaten with whips, Robert with a gun pointing to his head, and with your father, a knife to his throat.
  7. I give you the signal, with that we jump right in the middle of the arena. Everyone gasps, then the guards attack us, but we fight back and kill them. We set the men free along with other prisoners who were innocent. Preston then came up to you to attack but you moved at the right time kicking him where it hurts. We quickly escape NME Head Quarters and head out to our home
  8. "We aren't safe yet" says Michael "What?!" you say "We will be fine.." he says looking at you deep in the eyes "I give you my word" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand CLIFFHAN-Ya know what im not going to say it....
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  10. adios, auevoir, bye, ciao, ok now bye

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