Is it Love? or Is it Hate? Pt 9

Ahhhhhhhh pt 9 already....sorry for the delay some of you already know why...if not then here it uncle passed away...still makes me cry...*sigh*...anywho welcome to my quiz!

Now....we are now on our way to save Luke Robert and Michael...Oh! and your Dad Matthew!! yay!! although its...NOT keep a sharp eye out! -_O

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. Preston...suddenly notices that im not there..."Where is Esther??" he asks an agent near by...the agent hesitates and doesnt answer...Preston grabs hold of the agent by the collar and screams in his face "WHERE IS SHE?!" "w-we we couldnt find her! sh-she-she wasnt there at the h-h-HQ.." says the agent scared
  2. "Ok ____ do you know how to ride a motorcycle? cuz with that suit of yours you need one" i say entering the garage then pressing a button to make the floor turn over and shows your motorcycle ."Yeah i do i use to have one a few years ago" you say. "Ok...c'mon...lets get dressed for battle" i say
  3. "Alright!" you say happily you two both enter the labratory...."We are gonna enter these two glass tubes...once the door closes you shout what ur power is...ok?" i say.."Got it.." you say entering one of the tubes as i enter my tube...
  4. we enter the tubes and say our powers...we step out of the tubes with our dressed in "Tron: legacy" suit and me...somewhat like an "X-men" type of look...."You ready?" i ask looking to you..."Yes" you say. i nod and we head to the ride your motorcycle and i drive my black we are off to NME HQ
  5. *back at NME HQ* Preston looks at the two boys and say "Where is your sister?!" he demands..."No way im gonna tell you, idiot!" shouts Luke "And what about you Michael?" asks Preston.."NEVER! I'd give up my own life before i tell you!" yells Michael..."Thats a pretty interesting offer there Mike...but would you give up your brother's?" says preston as a door opens and NME agents comes in and pushes a guy to the ground...ROBERT!!!!
  6. NME agents grabs hold of Robert and lifts him up..."MICHAEL!! LUKE!!" shouts Robert as an agent grabs hold of his hair and yanks his head back and while another agent places a knife to his throat..."You wouldnt DARE!" shouts Luke..."Oh..but i would" sneers Preston.."Take them to the dungeon...and have them beaten...until they are ready to talk.." he orders...then he turns to Matthew..."And you..."
  7. "You will make the Master, and hundreds happy into seeing your excecution....*turns to the three boys* along with you three if you still refuse to tell me of your sister after 3 hours of torture and torment"
  8. we arrive from about a mile away from the HQ we decide to go through the forest that leads us to a secret door to enter inside..."Ok ___ follow me...i know this place...i have been brought here many times..." i say in a whisper...we quietly walk down the dark blue and black halls with blue lights across the middle of the walls...we stop at a corner, because of NME agents walking and running holding their guns...i slightly take a peek from behind the wall of the hallway...i look around to see where we are.."____,____ look over there" i whisper...."what is it?" you whisper back.."look...*points to the bottom of the building where there is a large rugged wooden door* that door leads us to the dungeon...all we have to do is to find a way to get there with out the agents knowing"
  9. we look around as and NME agent pass by us...then a light buld appears above your head..."I think i got an idea!" you say
  10. *you whisper the idea in my ear" i agree with you as we look out for two NME agents to pass us...sure enough 2 agents passed us altho we attacked them and put on their uniforms as disguises....we walk into the dungeon and sees the three boys being beaten up really bad...the real NME agents thinks that we are the other agents to take their place to beat the three so they leave the dungeon to take a and i take off the masks and show ourselfs to the boys..."___!!!..ESTHER!!!" shouts the boys happily.."Did you just say the name ____????" asks a look over and you see the man in ur dream...the man you told me about...UR DAD!! "Daddy?!" you ask.."Yes! its me!" he exclaims you two hug with tears running down ur cheeks cliffhanger.......hate them? too...oh wells

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