Why I hate kids

Do you hate kids as much as me? Do you even know how much I hate kids? Want to take a crack at guessing? Let's see if you can guess? Take your time though. This may cost you a friend LOL

Need a babysitter? This tool will help you decide if you will want me to babysit for you. I list just about ever type of child discipline I would love to use on your bratty kids. LOL

Created by: Melissa

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  1. Let's say you are in a department store and you see a snot nosed brat screaming and running around with no parent in sight. Do you:
  2. A good friend of yours has two demonic boys, but she wants a night out with her husband, so she calls you and asks you to watch the kids. Do you:
  3. So you got suckered into watching your friends Demon boys. Now you are with Satan and Damien, they are really getting out of control. Do you:
  4. A friend of your just had a baby. And she is so excited because this is her first baby. When you see the baby's picture, you realize it looks like one of those crazy troll dolls. Do you:
  5. So now the dad calls you and is just raving about his kid who looks like a troll doll.You now had more time to look at the kid (difficult as it was).But you realize, the kid looks more like his best friend who is another race. You:
  6. Your 5 year old niece/nephew is staying with you for a few days, and the parents warned you that he/she is just BAD!!! they allowed you to discipline the kid what ever way you want. If the kid gets out of line, do you:
  7. You are at a fun St. Fair (let's say the San Genaro feast)and you are left with a friends kid for 10 minutes.Some hottie comes up to you asking you for your number (imagine your are still single-LOL).But the kid starts whining about somthing. You:
  8. You are watching a very annoying and curious kid who asks too many questions all the time. The kid asks you where babies come from. Do you:
  9. What do you like about kids?
  10. Would you like for me to watch your kids?

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