Is it Love? or Is it Hate? Pt 3

HEY YALL! so sorry for the delay. busy year, aunt graduating, boy probs. anyway welcome back! now i hope this quiz is alot better than the last quiz. cuz a few ppl hated that one. :'(

you are now going to find out why in the world Robert here is acting like a complete jerk! thank god Luke is gonna tell you. and yes, Michael is still shy, but he actually talking (finally lol)

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. As Eli hugs you, you feel something on the inside telling you not to hug back. Just as Eli pulls away from the 2 full minute embrace(how terrible 2 full minutes of hugging D:) You hear Robert call out to you saying "____!DUCK!" you obviously obey him, you hear a gunshot. And the next thing you know, you see Eli on the ground dead! you turn to face Robert, "Have you lost your mind?!?! He was my brother, right?!?!" "NO! HE WASN'T!!! LOOK AT HIM ___!" Robert yells. As you turn around, your face Eli's place lays an NME agent! The agent has been in disguise!
  2. You jump 2 feet away shocked at what u are seeing. you look down and say "Well, sorry." Robert walks up to u and looks at you straight in the eyes and says "Well, maybe that will teach you to be more carefull next time." then he walks away to the mansion. Michael walks up to you and places his hand on your shoulder. "Are you....ok ____?" he asks. "I dont know Michael. What's wrong with him??" you ask. "I think i know, I also think Luke knows too." he replies. "Can you tell me please?" you ask. "Uhhh.....i think Luke can tell you better t-than me." he says as he carries some of the bags inside.
  3. You look around you and you see Luke unloading the car. You actually notice what he is wearing(the boys dont have on their uniforms on)a beige button-down vest(the vest isnt buttoned. So yeah, you can see his chest, abs, etc)blue jeans, and brown Jordans. And his hair in a ponytail.
  4. You walk up to Luke, but before you could say anything, he starts talking. "You wanna know why Rob is acting like this, right?" he asks. "Yeah, how did you know?" you ask. "I can hear things ___. And sure i can tell you after we unpack." he says. "great." you say. Luke looks at you then smiles, and at that moment you actualy forgotten how charming his smile is, and your glad you remember :).
  5. after u unpack in ur new room u see a little note on ur dresser that says "meet me in the middle of the garden; where the waterfall is at, then i tell u everything u need to know signed Luke" you smile then find ur way to the waterfall. Then there sitting on a big rock, by the waterfall and it's waterhole, was Luke. He changed into different clothes(i guess he was sweaty in the other outfit ;)) hes wearing a baby blue button down dress shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes, with his hair let down. "at least i look decent" you think to urself.
  6. he looks up at you and smiles. he hands you over a red rose as a gift and says "I was afraid you wouldnt come." you laugh and sit next to him and say "Of course I came, or i wouldnt be able to know the reason why Robert acts so strange."
  7. Luke tells you the whole story, then you realize that Robert had a girlfriend named Lora, a long time ago, and just like you she was attacked by NME. and was taken to the hospital. but unlike you.....she didnt make it. Robert was angry and is still holding on to that anger.
  8. ok yall that raps up yet another quiz. I hope you enjoyed this quiz, cuz there were a few ppl who hated the last quiz. will you comment and rate?? plz say yes! plz say yes!
  9. ok now its time to go bye-bye :)
  10. ur still here?! GOOOOO!!!

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