How Outdoorsy are you

there hav always been people that love the outdoors, we hav hippies, greenies and people that jus love going for long walks through the wilderness, Having said that i'm not talking about the type that like walking for half a day to see a waterfall. Outdoorsy people are people that love to find the highest flowing river around jump in the smallest boat and stick their noses in the biggest holes they can find, we love to look at waterfalls and try to decide what line we would take in a kayak jus for fun. we see a ciff and instantly start planning a route up there. these are outdoorsy people

i was looking all over the net to try and find a quiz like this so i though F*#$ it i'll make own! This will seperate the kayakers from the swimmers, the indoors from the outdoors (luke ;) and the Merseys from the derwents. so here it is... go for your life!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a kayaker
  2. Are you a Climber
  3. Are you a Rafter
  4. How are Rivers Graded
  5. How are climbs in AUS graded
  6. What are leading Brands of Kayaks
  7. What are leading Brands of Climbing Harnesses
  8. What is the difference between Rappeling and Abseiling
  9. What are squirt boats designed for?
  10. What is lead Climbing
  11. What are Thwarts in a Raft for
  12. What does ATC stand for
  13. whats easier to roll
  14. how many pulleys (beiners...ect) in a three to one Z drag
  15. how many pulleys (beiners...ect) in a three to one Z drag
  16. If Done Safely what has the Biggest risk attached to the activity
  17. Whats a disadvantage with a Goose down sleeping bag as apposed to a synthetic
  18. What are cimbing ethics

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