What type of person are you (girls only)

This quiz is supposed to tell you who you are and which setting you feel most comfortable in. But keep in mind that I'm not trying to shove you into a certain type

It may be that you feel outdoorsy and adventurous and sometimes you want to go to the mall and shop until your hearts content. Anyway thanks for taking! Rte and comment if you want!! Bye Bye!! :)

Created by: kat
  1. If you could go on vacation anywhere it would be
  2. Your favorite kinds of clothes to wear
  3. You like to read books about
  4. If you were going to pick up a magazine it would be
  5. Your idea of a perfect meal is
  6. If you could wear only one piece of jewelry it would be
  7. If you could have any birthday party you wanted it would be
  8. Your dream hairstyle is
  9. You can see yourself being
  10. When you daydream you thing about

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Quiz topic: What type of person am I (girls only)