My Very own quiz

what is your type of person being? take this quiz to find out. hope you have fun! you boys and girls out there can play this quiz whenever you want. whenever you want to, click on it in the "New Quizzes" Box.

Hope you like it! so dont choose a wrong person being call "The Bad Guy" thats ust being misunderstood. so choose a right being. alright? Thanks. have a good time!

Created by: Some one

  1. do you have a mom?
  2. have brothers or sisters?
  3. a dad?
  4. what city are you in right now?
  5. what knid of house are you in?
  6. does your parent has a kind of job?
  7. is South park cool for you?
  8. whats your favorite song?
  9. what type of song do you like to here?
  10. what do you like show "American Dad"?
  11. is Cursing shows your favorite?
  12. is Cursing shows your favorite?
  13. where do you like to hang out at?
  14. how much do you like saving quizzes?

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