How outdoorsy are you

Outdoors are fun how outdoorsy are you would lets find out with this test Good Luck please share this if you enjoy OUTSIDE ROCKS! I am so glad that you like the outdoors!

I hope that you think this quiz is fun. Please share it if you think it was fun and give it a good rating! Thank you again so much! I hope that you LOVE the outdoors as much as me

Created by: Chameleon
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  1. Do you like Reptiles?
  2. Do you like rain?
  3. Do you like mud?
  4. Are you scared of spiders
  5. Would you rather hike or eat at a fancy restaurant?
  6. Would you hold a snake?
  7. Would you swim in a creek full of crawdads?
  8. If you see a tree...
  9. Would you rather play outside or inside?
  10. Your favorite part of outside is...
  11. You see a pond????

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Quiz topic: How outdoorsy am I