Do you know the truth?

This quiz is based on Indoor Tanning truths. It explains the difference in tanning indoors versus tanning outdoors. We would like everyone to know the truth about indoor tanning.

Do you know how your skin tans? Do you know the potential dangers of tanning outdoors? Take this quiz! Are you ready to learn about tanning indoors? Do you want to know how it is smart for you to tan in doors?

Created by: Xotic

  1. Which of the following is essential to achieve a healthy-looking indoor tan?
  2. A downside to tanning outdoors is....
  3. A tan is cause by the browning of skin piment called....
  4. Failing to use protective eyewear during tanning.....
  5. Which of the following benefits do you receive when tanning indoors?
  6. Tanning helps treat Depression or Seasonal Defective Disorder?
  7. Indoor tanning equipment aids in the treatment of osteoprosis.
  8. It is okay for me and my friends to share Eye Protection.
  9. It is better to avoid the sun or any UV rays, so risks of skin cancer are lowered.
  10. It is smarter to tan indoors than tanning outdoors.

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Quiz topic: Do I know the truth?