Is Your Little Sister Pure Evil?

Many people are convinced there little demons/sister/monsters are completely evil, but parental bodies have always, from the dawn of siblings, blocked the truth with there parental ways, but now I Butt Doc can revel the truth. The scary, what the hell is that, truth. But be careful most things are best left hidden, like how they sold your soul to buy her (kidding it's not like that happened to me *nervous laugh*)

So you really want to know the truth? Okay, but any side effects: Screaming, Shouting, Wetting self, pooping self, crying, goring eyes out, trying to induce amnesia, it's not my fault, I, the Butt Doc only wish to bring the truth to those who can handle it. So read on if you dare.

Created by: Butt Doc
  1. Do you have a little sister, be honest?
  2. Dose claim she didn't do something even though she just said she did?
  3. Dose she delight in your sorrow?
  4. Dose she use your one and only flaw to divert from her many?
  5. Can she cry on cue?
  6. Dose she use fake injuries as 'evidence' against you?
  7. Does she constantly repeat things that happened years ago and cannot drop a subject?
  8. Does she think she is top then TV then 50 feet of ****(use your imagination) then family then 3000 feet of **** then you?
  9. Does she refer to herself as princess?
  10. Does she smirk because she can't smile?
  11. Does she constantly weasel out of work and still demand payment?
  12. Is her most heard phrase to anyone who does not summit to her will, 'I hate you', 'You don't love me' and 'It's always golden girl/boy (insert name here)'?
  13. Does she tell you she favors an older sibling to you?
  14. Can she betray you on a sixpence?
  15. Is her motto in life, 'never admit to anything'?
  16. Does she go out of her way to mess up your life?
  17. Does she tell 'tall tales' about you then say you are lying?
  18. Last question, have you learnt anything from this brilliant quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my Little Sister Pure Evil?