celestia V netherworld

some people are good, some pure evil. nicey nicey of down right NEVER NICE AT ALL. good people are taken for granted and evil people are hated. its alose lose situation folks

take my quiz and find out if you are a kind angel from celestia or a mean, hateful deamon from the netherworld. pure good, or pure evil. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Created by: Amy of myspace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if someone hurts themselves do you...
  2. someone you hate dies, do you...
  3. a cat scratches you, do you
  4. someone shouts something mean at you on the street, do you...
  5. you would describe yourself as...
  6. you have never...
  7. if you saw an old lady struggling would you
  8. you want to go to...
  9. you see _____ as a role model.
  10. what colour are your eyes?

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