Love at Ms Peregrines home for peculiar children part 3

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It's time to save Ms Peregrine and your friends with the 5 bachelors. Will you save them in time before it's too late. When will you confess your undying love to one of them.

I'm back! Hope you enjoy the other two quizzes! Did you get the man of your dreams? Hope you did! More quizzes are underway. Let's get back to the story!

Created by: PeculiarGirl.1
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  3. It has been a whole day without a word from any of you. Everything was different because there was a gap formed by you missing friends. Millard tried to cook but it didn't end well so one by one you left the dinner table until it was just you and Hugh.
  4. Hugh was the first to tal. "I wonder if this would have ever happened if I wasn't different, I keep wondering what would have happened if I was normal," "Then I wouldn't have met you,"Hugh blushed a deep red, he moved his mouth but you didn't hear him. "Die devil"
  5. Memories of your past life flooded your mind. The voice was coming from your memory of your parents when you earned your peculiarity. Next was when the Hollow came too close to ending your life then everything went black. Someone screamed and someone started shaking you violently.
  6. Everything went back into veiw and you were the one screaming. Jacob was the one shaking you. You started to cry and hugged Jacob. "I think we have to find Ms Peregrine now...." Enoch advised. That night you went to bed after the boys came up with a plan. Horace and Hugh volunteered to stay to keep on making the loop, even though Millard advised you should but jacob said you needed to stay with someone incase one of those incidents occured again, so Hugh and Horace were to stay.
  7. It was the day you were to rescue the others. You broke into Fiona's room and took a pair of her jeans and shirt. You tied the shirt into a knot and it showed your belly button. When you walked down stairs the boys all stared and blushed.
  8. Jacob brought his map of loops to make sure you, Millard and Enoch didn't die. Before you left Horace stopped you. He hugged you and whispered "Be careful, please,"You nodded and flew to catch up with the boys
  9. By the time you got back to the boys they were arguing over something. When Millard notice you he nudged the others to get their attention. "Uh......Should we get going?"Millard asked. You nodded and flew ahead of them.
  10. Thanks for reading guys. Our brave heroines will encounter more action. Unfortunately Horace and Hugh will be out of the running until they are reintroduced to the story line.

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