Love at Ms Peregrines Home peculiar children

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Will you be able to save Ms Peregrine and your peculiar family before something horrific happens. Love, Action and finally finding out what the terrible plot is.

It's time to save your friends. Will there be betrayal? Will there be heart break find out in love at Ms peregrines home for peculiar children. Enjoy!

Created by: PeculiarGirl.1

  1. The boys decieded to make a plan to save their family. You of course were there correcting battle stratergies. Hugh and Horace volunteered to stay back to protect the loop and house from invaders. Everyone went to bed early one by one until you and Hugh were the only one's left. There was a long and worried silence that Hugh was the first to break. "I wonder what life would be if I wasn't peculiar, This would never had happened and nothing bad would happen again.""Of course bad things would happen Hugh for example I would have never met you..."Hugh blushed and tried to speak but you couldn't hear him all you could hear was tyhe repeated words "Die you devil!"Then everything wentg black.
  2. Memories flooded your mind. It was your old parents beating you as soon as they found out your peculiarity. They kicked you out to the curb that's when you almost died. About ten Hollowgast and 2 wight's surounded you. You accepted this was the end. Then someone screamed and shooked you violently.
  3. Everything went back to view. You were screaming and Hugh was shaking you. Everyone was surounding you. You started to cry and leapt into Hugh's unprepared arms. After the horrifying flashbacks Horace suggested you stayed back. "We can't leave her hear! She's our main attack!"Millard growled. "She's not your defence if she breaks down again!"The fight went back and forward until Enoch butted in and raised a fairly agreeable point. "It will happen again but if she's left alone defencless like that our loop will surely be raided we need people consious not screaming!"No one talked after that they all agreed that you will come. You ran upstairs slammed your door and cried the memories still haunted you. Millard came in and comforted you. "Everything going to be alright my saving Angel."
  4. You and the boys agreed to leave at 10am. You borrowed Fiona's jeans and put on a white shirt and tied a knot at the bottom thinking that is the appropriate wear for the adventure. When you walked down stairs whatever the boys were doing stopped and they all glared at you. "What?" As soon as you spoke everything unfreezed.
  5. It was time to go and save your friends. As soon as you took a step out of the door Horace pulled you back into a hug. "Be careful out there, Birdie,"he whispered into your hair then kissed your forehead. You blushed and flew to catch up with the others.
  6. Jacob and Enoch as always were fighting to see who would be the leader. Millard was shaking his head. "Please tell them we areequal players! Or surely we will have the same fate as the others!" You nodded and broke the fight up. You all except Enoch agreed Jacob should be the leader for he has the map. The next loop was to Japan 2002. It was a 15hr walk to the loop so you started pacing yourselves to get to the loop. You entered into a busy street.
  7. You all decieded to find a place to stay. Jacob was all of a sudden frozen. "Jacob? what do you see?""Run!" You all started running and you knew that a hollowgast was following you. You ran into a hotel with the boys close behind. You jumped into an elevator and pushed the button for the highest floor with the boys just making it to the elevator before the door shut leaving the Hollowgast in the foyer. All you could hear were screams of the visitors and the deskman. As soon as the doors opened you started hammering the door until someone answered.
  8. She asked questions in a different language. The boys were staring at her like she was an alien. You rolled your eyes and sung. You sung about the woman leaving and that is exactly what she did. You and the guys ran into the room and locked the doors.
  9. The boys decieded to get changed into the peoples clothes. "It's a good idea." You went to the bathroom and tried to find what your new disguise is. You chose a japaneese school uniform which was way too short for you liking. When you stepped out the boys stared at you. "So who's sleeping with who?" That got the boys back to work and ofcourse the boys fought with eachother.
  10. Finally Enoch won and while Jacob and Millard slept you lay awake. "Leila I have something to tell you.....""What?" Instead of telling you he moved closer and kissed you. You pulled back. "I can't do this Enoch. I'm sorry.""It's ok.... I understand..." He got out and slept on the floor. You felt horrid.

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