Love at Ms Peregrine's Home for Peculiar children Pt3

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Who do you choose? Jacob? Millard? Enoch? It's all your choice in Love at Ms Peregrines home for peculiar Children Pt3! Enjoy the Love at Ms Peregrines home for peculiar children series

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am writing it! I am also going to be writing a harrypotter series after this. I hope it is as good as the other ones I have read. Enjoy

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. Jacobs lips pushed onto yours. You wanted to pull away but you stayed as he intangled his fingers into your white hair and stayed. You both finally pulled back to breathe.
  4. "We....should go and get the supplies."Jacob stutterd. You blushed turning your pale white skin to a red tomato. You went shopping as you still blushed and met the others back at the square.
  5. "What were you two tomatoes doing?" Millard inquired. "Nothin...." you both hurriedly said. "OK....."Enoch whispered. "We need to stay a night""On it!"you exclaimed. You went to the closest hotel and sung to the hotel owner to give you an hotel suite, and ofcourse they obeyed. "Now this is luxury!"
  6. After a long argument of who sleeps with you Enoch won. When everyone was sleeping you walked out to the verandah and looked at the midnight blue skies with the beautiful silver lights you watched in awe.
  7. "You know there not as beautiful as you...." You whipped around and Enoch was leaning on the wall.
  8. He moved next to you. "You want to go for a ride?" Before Enoch answere you grabbed his hand and you floated around the town. "Woah.... No wonder your all ways up hear instead of down there..." You nodded. "Still it's not as beautiful as you. You blushed. You floated down to the verandah.
  9. He leaned in and kissed you. It was different to Jacob's. Jacob's was more gentle but with Enoch's he was rough. After not breathing you pulled back. "We should head inside....." He nodded and you went back to sleep ready for the trip to Australia.
  10. Hey guys the quiz is over
  11. Just letting you know what happens at hanging rock is fictional and is not actually following the story line.
  12. Enjoy!

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