Love or hate JB?

You love Justin Bieber? Do you hate him? why don't you take this quiz & find out? If you love him prove it! Take this quiz & share your knowledge with the haters!

You will find out in just a few minutes if you love or hate JB..YOU BETTER LOVE HIM!! I bet you can't get a 100% on this quiz! better take it & prove me wrong!

Created by: Brittany

  1. What color are his eyes?
  2. What's his first CD called?
  3. Who was his crush growing up?
  4. What was his first song on his first CD?
  5. What color is his hair?
  6. What's his favorite candy?
  7. His middle name is?
  8. Favorite Color?
  9. YouTube username?
  10. Favorite Drinks?
  11. Alright i'm done..

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