Are you a Miami Hurricanes Fan

“You got a new center, first time playing in the game and the exchanges with the quarterback were great,” Shannon said. “That makes me feel good.” Go Canes

Go Canes and Canesrule, I’m glad the racist attacks have stopped. I checked out the Sentinel to see the comments. I would never make those kind of remarks. Since this person is banned, if anyone here still doubts that I’m this person they hate so much, I’ll join the conversation over at the Sentinel. Go Canes

Created by: Pretender

  1. What number did Warren Sapp wear while playing defensive tackle for UM?
  2. What number did Michael Irvin wear while playing wide receiver at Miami?
  3. What number did Edgerrin James wear while playing running back?
  4. What number did running back Alonzo Highsmith wear while playing for UM?
  5. George Mira was a quarterback. Which number did he wear?
  6. Linebacker Jessie Armstead wore which number?
  7. While at Miami, what number did linebacker Michael Barrow wear?
  8. At UM, what number was wide receiver Kevin Williams wear?
  9. What number did Dwayne Johnson wear while playing defensive end for Miami?
  10. What number did wide receiver Horace Copeland wear at UM?

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