what hurricane are you

"There is a lot of hurricanes in the world but only few strong onesthat encorege people in there work but when hurricanes strike it is ruined so the try there best for there work to have pertection so they can relax more from hurricanes."

"Do you have the same personality as a hurricane well you will find it here so if you want to take it well your in the right area so you will find out what hurricane your are from persoality it will come in a few minutes."

Created by: jb
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which hurricane struk u.s.a as a category 5
  2. what is your emotion
  3. how do you discribe your figure
  4. how do you describe your speed
  5. describe your strenth
  6. how do you describe yourself
  7. are you a pationt person
  8. what is your favorite color
  9. do you like to move alot
  10. are you a hurricane lover

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Quiz topic: What hurricane am I