what type of angel are you

People out there wonder wether they are good or not, that person may enclude you. well stop wondering becuase this quiz will answer all of thoes questions.

This quiz is acually pretty easy when you think about it. just look at the questions, anwer what you want to answer, and when your done press submit and then you will get your results.

Created by: dark angel13
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. an old lady needs help crossing the street
  2. a person got hurt.
  3. a cat is stuck up a tree
  4. a kid is geting bullied
  5. what do you do on hallowene
  6. your parents tell you to do some chores
  7. what is your fav colors
  8. what would you wear
  9. what do you do in school
  10. okay this is it

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Quiz topic: What type of angel am I