Are you an Incarnated Angel?

There are many people who believe they are Angels that have incarnated to Earth. Are you one of them? Find out here! Go on and take the quiz. Adios :)

...I don't know what to type here... >.< I has a slinky. Okay back on focus...Wait I was never on focuz in this paragraph. >.< Well you can just take the quiz now...

Created by: lilfallenangel
  1. Have you ever felt like you didn't belong (on earth).
  2. What do you look like?
  3. Do you give up on people when you help them?
  4. Do you have any memories you're not sure came from?
  5. Are you mean?
  6. Do you see the best in the Darkest of things?
  7. Do you believe in God?
  8. What's your personality like?
  9. Does your back ever feel like it's missing something?
  10. Do you feel you have a strong connection with the spiritual world?
  11. Do you have an affinity for any element (Not just air, fire, water, earth, and spirit)?
  12. Do you ever here a ringing in your ear without even listening to music or going in water?
  13. Last Question, Do you think Angels are real and do you think you are one?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Incarnated Angel?