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  • I look way much younger than I am. My eye color shifts from blie to green but in pictures I have starkly both eye colors in each eye. I should have died multiple times. Once I took 2 months of Rx sleeping pills and just woke up like nothing happened. In my dreams I have seen amazing things. I haved had weird dreams that turned 100% prophetic but usually warned of harsh times followed by hope. I have only wished for more knowledge my whole life. I know people who will befriend me will leave my life and I know those sent to me need me and will move on once they are secure, hopeful, in essence they will go in the direction they need to. Most dreams I am a soldier or tech helping or fighting for the people who are usually scared. My job is to eliminate that fear. Others are varied but deal with the collective unconscious which is a word I thought I made up. I don't believe I am angel. Michael is there when I call. I have a helper who guides me through the times I need him. I don't know if i am at all angelic but maybe some human choosen to help the world. I don't know. I can't figure this out but I know what my purpose is and doesn't seem like I can escape it, definitely not by dying.

  • Im always feeling like Im the only one awake. I look at people going on with their day to day functions and I wonder why I am not like them, why I am different.

    I dont look my age. Im 42, and told I look late 20s.

    My hair is naturally light brown, though I love dying it red, its always my eyes that gets peoples attention. They are light olive green with a little gold towards the centre.

    I should not be alive. I have suffered illness that should have claim me, I have OD a few times but it failed. But I seem strong and still feel ready to fight if I must.

    Im psychic in sense, from a young age I was hunted by monsters and skeletons in my dreams, sense spirits and have a misty one try to possess me. Spirits also show me things. I have dreams that come to fruition and a sense of knowing. I knew who I would marry, I knew where I would work. Im an empath as well, I feel everyone whos emotional and in pain. I also know when they arent being truthful.

    People always have a habit of sharing their issues with me even though they should not.

    I try to fight the thoughts I should not have that are horrible, mean and schematic... I have come to learn that I would not think like that, its not me. Like something dark is trying to influence me.

    I get pain around my scapulars all the time. I have an affinity with all elements but mostly a strong one with air. I can bring a breeze and sense the weather.

    But I still feel lost. I am lost. I cant find the purpose that drives me. I have many that I should take on but they dont call to me.

    I got 92% on my quiz.

    • Im also close to nature, animals and I prefer to be outdoors.

  • I scored 100%! Now is this accurate or just a game? I do and have all does things. I helped so many people that I forget my own problems. I also hear ringing in my ears a lot. I'm psychotically spiritual and love animals. I do feel that I don't belong here on earth too....

  • Yes. I am an incarnate angel. I have always had a "knowing" that I was something else - something very different to the "norm" A depth, an inside voice. I heal people with words and simple gestures. I once had a man say to me "You are one! I've only met one other in my lifetime, you are an angel " Instead of me thinking that he was a little on the crazy side, I answered "How did you know?" before I could even process his comment, my mouth had ousted these words....

  • I got 85%, I think I might be an incarnated angel or a mystic angel, but with less incarnations as an ordinary mystic angel. I've always had the ringing in my ear, and since I discovered a few weeks ago that it could be for spiritual reasons, I've had it almost daily. Thanks for the quiz :)

  • I got 85% and like PuffBall said, it is freaky about the ringing. I always hear it, even now I can hear it. I've gotten kinda used to it, so it doesn't really bother me that much.

  • I allways here ringing it hurt at first but then it does not hurt any more it still there there is some thing missing I do not what

  • Got 54% but the most freaky about this quiz is the ringing. Now I wonder where this things come from

  • I got 92%!! The ringing was freaky cause I ALWAYS hear that... Anyway.. I LOVE angels I have read a lot of books with angels in them

  • I have been trying to Get this information. I have alot of obtica

    Lisa Marie Wells
  • 92% cool

    shadow wolf 195

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