What's Your Angelic Mission?

When angels fall to earth, they find themselves cut off from God and for the first time in their immortal existence, unsure of what to do. Of their purpose among humanity. They formed six missions as their best guesses for their purpose.

Now you can choose the faction you belong to. Or rather, have the faction determined that best suits your personality. Answer 20 questions and find out your Mission on earth.

Created by: Steve

  1. There's a turtle on its back in the desert. You're not helping the turtle, why not?
  2. What's your ideal Saturday night?
  3. What's your favourite book?
  4. What are you watching on Netflix?
  5. There's a hideous bug in the shower, what do you do?
  6. What's your preferred D&D class?
  7. Favourite Ninja Turtle
  8. Pick an Avenger
  9. Pick a Teen Titan
  10. It's the apocalypse, how are you dealing?
  11. The only good demon...
  12. The best angels movie is
  13. You meet God, do you:
  14. Your perfect date:
  15. Pick a tarot card
  16. Pick an RPG
  17. Your dream job is
  18. Pick an epitaph

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Quiz topic: What's my Angelic Mission?