Who would you take a bullet for?

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In this quiz you will get asked questions about caring for people; you are here on earth for a purpose you can even do a little thing and make a big difference! Hope your day goes on smoothly; thinking of the good stuff you can do.

Just relax and enjoy your day and help anybody you can in the best way you can as much as you can and everybody is here for a reason on this earth, keep that in mind.

Created by: Fabian Guerrero

  1. Do you love your family?
  2. You see a man's car broken down, and he has a big family; would you help the man and his family?
  3. Who would you take a bullet for?
  4. If you or a family member or a friend or anybody were in an ugly situation; would you or would they help you out?
  5. Sometimes the person that you take a bullet for is behind the trigger! Would you really think that?
  6. If you were to get shot or friend and you have your own house do you just let everything go or tell your friend or your friend told you to take care of your stuff or their stuff?
  7. Do you think you came here to earth with a purpose or without a purpose?
  8. Do you care about yourself or do you think anybody else cares about you?
  9. If you wanted to learn more about this would you go to a place or a website?
  10. How did you like this quiz?

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