complicated difference part 3

Me and my cousin are working together to make this story. We are kinda new to this kind of stuff. If you'd take the quiz and leave comments we'd really appreciate it. Also, if you give us little tips or request we might put them in the next one. Thank you! :D

Okay, so far you were almost in a very deadly accident. but somehow you pewfed back into the store. Freaking out you run outside. thinking somehow you must of dreamed it. Then you pass out... Or so you think these things happen

Created by: pixystixlove94
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  1. Your alarm goes off and you jump. You look at the time and notice it's 6am. Time for you to get ready for school. "huh, that was a weird dream..." you say to yourself and go to get out of bed. You pull back the covers and notice you're in the same clothes you were in yesterday to go to Starbucks. You shake it off, saying it probably didn't mean anything. You get up and turn on the light. You glance in the mirror and see nothing. Dumbfounded and confused, you move closer to the mirror, you walk in front of it then moved. Still seeing nothing. Then you reach out to move your hand in front of the mirror. You can see your hand yourself but not in your reflection. Freaking out you sit on your bed. You think long and hard. You remember everything that happen yesterday and you faint again.
  2. You wake up, again. But this time you realize you're three hours late for school. "Great" you groan. "I missed second hour again. I'm going to be in a lot of trouble...." you get up and then everything comes back to you, like a bad nightmare. You hurry and run to the mirror. You see yourself, your reflection. You smile, mentally laughing at yourself for believing that could really happen. Even though you had a feeling it just might of. Something is up, and you want to know what.
  3. You decide that if you got ready now then you could make it to forth hour. Although, you have a really bad feeling about it. You shrug and decide to get ready. After you got ready you walked out the door. Surprisingly, you were able to make it to forth hour on time. You walked in and noticed something different about the class... Erik was missing. You sigh, thinking it was stupid of you to be upset that he wasn't here.
  4. Class ends and you rush to lunch. Almost in pain for how hungry you were. You got in line and grabbed anything you could, since you haven't eaten in who knows how long. You talk to Adam quickly, who seems to have his mind in other places. He doesn't seem like his usual self today, it seems like he can't wait until he got out of school. Though, he was still able to be his flirty self.
  5. Once you buy your lunch you go to the usual table with the usual people. Brad, His friends, Kayla, and her friends. You laugh to yourself when you see Brad surprised reaction. "Hi babe... That's... That's a lot of food you have. Are you planning on not eating for a while or what?" He said, trying to joke around. You looked at him "No, no I am not. I'm just really hungry, that's all." "oh," Seemed to be all he could reply with. Then, after a moment or two [You didn't really know how long, you were busy stuffing your face with food] he cleared his throat and asked "where were you earlier?" You looked at your food... and thought of a way to answer that. you looked up and met his questioning gaze "I umm... I just over-slept. That's all." and you went back to eating. You knew you couldn't tell Brad what happened... He wouldn't believe you. Heck, you don't even believe you.
  6. The rest of the day kind of drags by. In your 6th hour, Mr.Smith came in and started talking to your teacher. He turned around and gave you a "I'm sorry" look but then called you to his room. You looked at your teacher, and she nodded. As you got up you heard the "ooohhhss!!" and "uh ohs...." from your classmates. 'Traitors' you thought. and then you followed Mr. Smith. He led you into his room and told you to sit. you did. He looked at you and shook his head "____... I'm very disappointed in you. You told me yesterday you'd stop being late. I didn't think you'd mean you'd stop coming to class altogether." you opened your mouth to defend yourself when he cut you off " I don't to hear you say you're sorry, I don't want to hear you say that you didn't mean to and you wont do it again. I don't even want to hear why you did it." he shook his head again and handed you a packet of papers. "here," He said. you took the papers. "This is your work assignment. I want you to finish that before you leave here." you nodded and did as you were told.
  7. You got the packet done and you gave it to Mr. Smith. He nodded and you walked away. You were so deep in thought it scared you more than it should have when you opened your door. Erik was laying in your bed looking past the ceiling, as if his mind was else where.. "whats up with everyone mind being somewhere else today?" you thought to yourself. Which you must of said out loud because Erik jumped. You tried not to laugh, so you covered it with a cough. Erik frowend at you and got up. "Hello, _____." He said. You paused, then replied "Hello, Erik. May I ask what you're doing in my room?" He smiled a sad smile and said "______, We really need to talk."
  8. You kinda shifted awkwardly in the spot you were standing. That saying always meant something bad... "okay, What do you want talk talk about?" you asked him, unhappy with how shaky your voice sounded. You don't even know why you're so upset. "okay, well. What do you remember about yesterday. I need to know everything you remember." you sigh, but something makes you want to tell him. So you do "Well... I went to Starbucks, and then I seen you and Adam there talking... Which by the way, what were you guys..." but his look made it clear he wanted you to keep talking so you said "Never mind. Anyway I talked to you guys for a while but then I had to go. so I went to go get into my car and then a van almost hit me. I freaked out and panicked and thought how much I would love to be back in the room with you guys and not be there. Then next thing I know, I'm sitting in the booth with you and Adam. I freaked out and ran outside, thinking I must of dreamed it all. but when I went outside, I noticed the van was dangerously close to my car, and was over the spot where I'd been standing. I freaked out and I think I passed out. I woke up here this morning. And when I turned on the light, I couldn't see myself in the mirror. I freaked out again and passed out.. Again. You know, I really hate when I pass out. Also, I don't even know if any of this is true.." You finished in a rush, wanting to get the words out and your fears heard. You expected Erik to tell you you're crazy, to tell you that you need help and walk away. He was silent for a minute. obviously thinking things over. and then he nodded.
  9. You looked at him, trying not to look confused. You must of failed because he started explaining "Okay, look ______. There is a lot of things that normal humans don't want to believe or don't seem to grasp. There are powerful beings all around you, including yourself. You may not want to believe it, but what happened yesterday was completely real, and it sees there's more to you that what I thought. ______, I'm your guardian angel, and I need to keep you close to me because there are dangerous things that seem to be after you. So far, it appears you have invisibility and teleportation powers..." you sit there and think this over. if Erik had not grabbed your arm and sat you in the chair, you may have fallen over. In complete and udder shock you look at him.
  10. Shocked... Your mind went blank. But you could tell Erik was waiting for you to say something. The worried look on his face says it all.. You started to think... What were you supposed to say? so you said the first thing that came to mind "What were you and Adam talking about in Starbucks?" Erik's eyes widened in shock and than he smiled in amusement. Okay, Obviously that wasn't the response he was looking for. But what else could you do? He began "Well, ______. When I broke up the fight, the one between Brad and Adam, I noticed something was different about one of them. and it obviously wasn't Brad" He said with a chuckle. You frowned at him and he continued "Anyway, I could tell that there was something different about him. He's not completely human either, _______. So, we started talking about it. We decided we needed to tell you about everything very soon. Because we could both feel your power growing. And what he is, I think he should be the one to tell you that. It's not my secret to tell." you looked at him and nodded in understatement. you didn't speak because you were afraid your voice would betray you and show him how you really felt. Confused and scared. Also, you didn't know if you could speak. He began again "I guess I should leave for now. I know you need space. it's a lot to take in." he said, standing up and then giving you a warm, relaxing hug. You look up into his eyes and say "Will you be in forth hour tomorrow?" he laughed again, and you can feel his soft laughter through his chest, he replied "Of course, dear. Now I'll let you get back to whatever it is you need to do. I'll see you tomorrow." he said, Bending down and kissing your forehead "goodnight." you say. "night" he says before the door shuts.
  11. You start to undress after he leaves. Wanting nothing but to slip into a nightgown and go to bed. You're down to your bra and underwear when you hear a knock at the door. the knock sounded urgent. As the door began to open...
  12. Wasn't much of the other two guys in this one, but you found out some major stuff. Who do you like? :]

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