complicated difference part 2

Me and my cousin are working together to make this story. We are kinda new to this kind of stuff. If you'd take the quiz and leave comments we'd really appreciate it. Also, if you give us little tips or request we might put them in the next one. Thank you! :D

Okay, So this is part 2 of the story. Youre in your 2nd hour class and the teacher is mad at you for being tardy again. He asked to see you after class.

Created by: pixystixlove94

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  1. After class you walk over to the teachers desk and he says "Well, ____. You're really pushing it with the tardies. This is your last warning and then you're going to be in deep trouble. Although, I don't understand what seems to be keeping you ever day almost. If it's friends, they can wait. School is more important." "Okay, Mr.Smith. I understand. I won't be late again, promise." you replied. Then you go to your next hour, and time seems to be going by quickly.Next thing you know bell rings and you're on your way to forth hour. You see Erik sitting in his usual desk in the back and you decide to go sit by him.
  2. "Hey, _____." Erik says, as you sit down. "Hello, how are you?" you reply. "I'm okay, have you been staying away from the fights the last few hours" he says, jokingly. "Yes, actually, I have." You say, in the same joking way. You smile at each other.
  3. The teacher walks in as the bell rings and that ends your talk with Erik for the moment. Class passes by almost as quickly as the others and you get up when the bell rings. it was time for you to go to lunch. Erik walks with you to the cafeteria and you guys talk about how crazy the teacher is. When you get to the cafeteria you and him part ways to go into different lunch line.
  4. As you get in line, Adam comes up. "Heyy, _____. Are you tired? 'Cause you've been running through my mind all day long." Adam says, with a wink and a flirty smile. "That was a fail." you say, trying not to laugh. You were unsuccessful and both of you started laughing. When you both settle down he finally says "It's true though... I really have been thinking about you...." Adam says with a shy smile. Which surprises you.
  5. You buy your lunch and walk towards the tables. You see Brad waving to you from across the room. He was sitting at a table with some of his friends from the football team, Kayla, and Some of her friends. You start walking to the table they were sharing. Nodding and waving at people who say 'Hi' to you, you finally get to Brad. You sit down next to Brad. He started the conversation with "Hey baby" you look at him and he smiles at you. You smile back, and say "Hey, Hows your day been? other than the almost-fight I mean." "It's been an okay day, but now that I'm with you, it all seems great. And just so you know, I could have won that fight, if that Erik kid wouldn't have stopped me." he says. you Sigh and nod. not knowing what to say. That was Brad, the so-full-of-himself Brad. And yet, you're still with him.
  6. You start to look around the room... Not wanting to meet Brads gaze, and you notice Adam across the room from where you sit. He was looking at you and when he noticed you were looking back, he gave you a flirty smile. You hurry and look away. you look down at your food and pick at it.. For some reason it wasn't looking so good. you got up and threw it away. when you got back to the table you were going to start talking to Brad. You turn around and realize he was flirting with one of Kaylas friends.
  7. You're so angry. He always does this, and you're starting to get sick of it. So, you decide to go sit with Adam. And Brad doesn't seem to notice. "Hey, Hun. What a nice surprise. is something wrong?" He asked. "Yes. There is something wrong. I'm getting sick of Brad always flirting with other girls, and in front of me too!" You snapped. Then you took a deep breathe and started again "I just don't like that the bimbo over there is all over Brad and he's not stopping her." "oh.. I see... well, shes definitely not as pretty as you are. I really don't find anything attractive about that girl. then again, I don't find any thing attractive that isn't you." He smiled at you again. "thanks" you said. Then the bell rang telling everyone lunch was over, you sigh and go to your 5th hour.
  8. You go to 5th and 6th hour and they go by pretty fast. you're wondering why the day seemed to go by so fast, but then you decide you don't care. You're still really mad about the "Brad" thing. And you decide you want a French Vanilla cappuccino. You've wanted one for a long long time and you decide you wanted to go to Starbucks. You don't know why, but Starbucks seemes to be pulling you. Confused, you get ready to go.
  9. You get into your car and go to Starbucks. You park your deep midnight blue 2010 Ford Mustang in the parking lot. You sitting there for a minute, thinking. Then you grab your purse and start looking for your wallet.
  10. You find your wallet and get out of the car. You smile. You really like your car, and something feels right about being here. You press the lock button as you walk to the front door of Starbucks. You walk inside and head over to the counter. You hear a familiar voice and then another. You look around and notice Erik and Adam sitting in the corner talking about something...
  11. You watch, wondering what they're doing here. Then, as if he felt your gaze, Erik turned around. You blushed and turned back to the cashier. Erik walks over to you, he says "Hey, _____. Come over and sit with us when you get your drink." You didn't look at him but you could hear the smile in his voice. He turned and walked away. You buy your drink and go to sit with the guys. Very awkwardly you sit down and start small talk while you drink your cappuccino. After you finish your drink you get up and say "Thanks for the talk guys, but I should really get back to the dorms. I have to study for the darn test. Bye." they called bye after as you walk away
  12. you walked out the front door and started walking to your car. As you are out side your car door, trying to unlock it, a delivery van swerves and almost hits you. it was an inch away when you kinda pewfed next to Erik and Adam, who were standing at the table. With wide eyes Adam says your name "____!" and Erik just looks at you, with eyes that look like he expected this. You freaked out not knowing what happened. You ran outside to see the van close to your car. You start freaking out again, not knowing what happened... Erik comes out and says "____. We need to talk" and then you blacked out...
  13. Sorry it wasnt that inderesting. but like I said before, We're trying. So, Who are you liking now?

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