Do you know the difference between THEN and THAN?

You might be a well-spoken person in real life and you might be able to cut someone down pretty smoothly, but communicating online is an entirely different ballgame. If you want your online statement to have any credibility, make sure you have correct spelling and grammar!

Do you know the difference between "then" and "than"? How well? Take this test as quick as you can and see if you get a passing grade! Why should you bother? Because your reputation depends on it!

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  1. An ant is smaller **** a dog.
  2. They are more alike **** they are different.
  3. We won by more **** two goals.
  4. So you don't want to go ****?
  5. This is taking longer **** I thought.
  6. Gas prices today are higher **** they were last year.
  7. His parents helped him edit and polish the story and **** self-published the work before it was picked up by Random House.
  8. Eat your dinner and **** you can have dessert.
  9. He was a lot younger ****.
  10. She is 2 years older **** her sister.

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Quiz topic: Do I know the difference between THEN and THAN?