Complicated Difference

Me and my cousin are working together to make this story. We are kinda new to this kind of stuff. If you'd take the quiz and leave comments we'd really appreciate it. Also, if you give us little tips or request we might put them in the next one. Thank you! :D

You live in a dorm room in a private school in Oklahoma, thanks to your father. You have been there for about three years. You're 16 years old and you have a boyfriend named Brad. Also your best friend is Kayla. Kayla is a sweet and loving person but she can also be very snotty. She acts like a dumb blonde but she is really smart. Brad is your boyfriend for 2 years now, and he is very jealous and kinda full of himself. but he has his moments where he's really sweet. You and them went out last night to watch a movie and now it's monday morning.

Created by: Kaely&&Dee
  1. The beeping sound of your alarm clock seeps into your dream, you groan at the annoying alarm clock and turn it off. You lay in bed for a few minutes wishing you could go back to sleep and not have to go to school. but you couldn't. It also doesn't help that you were out all night with Kayla, your best friend, and Brad, your boyfriend. "Ugh, Mondays suck." you groan again.
  2. You get up and walk to your closet to pick out what you are going to wear for school. You pick out...
  3. You do your makeup and hair whatever way you want, then you head out the door. You make your way down to the cafeteria to get your favorite breakfast. The bell rings, telling you it's time to get to your first hour. You've lived in a private school for three years. ever since your mom died your dad just hasn't been the same. After she died weird things kept happening and he freaked. He sent you to a private school so you could be safe. Safe from what? You don't know.
  4. In deep thought you made your way to your first hour. You sat next to your best friend, Kayla. She was wearing a light blue hollister hoodie over a white shirt, along with straight-leg jeans and white sip on shoes. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a high pony-tail, which was unusual for her. She had a big, bright smile on her face. But her blue eyes had dark bags under then. She didn't get much sleep either you guessed.
  5. "Hey _____! Ohmygod, last night was so much fun!" Kayla exclaimed. "Yeah, the movie was really good." You responded right before the bell rang for first hour to start. Ms. Rolingwood started talking about Shakespeare as soon as she walked in the door. It was her favorite subject, so she's been Extra-happy since we started reading Romeo and Juliet in class.
  6. Kayla leaned over to finish your conversation about the movies and the rest of last night, but as soon as she opened her mouth Ms.Rolingwood yelled "Ms.Heffer, can't your conversation wait 'til after class?" "uhm, yes Ma'am" Kayla replied, blushing in embarrassment as she did.
  7. Class went by pretty slow, but finally the bell rang. You were so relieved. You gathered your things and walked into the rush of students. You started walking to your locker when you noticed Adam was standing there. You knew him because he plays sports, just like Brad. You've been to many things involving sports with Brad and Adam was mostly always there. Adam is a 5'8", tan (Italian Ethnicity), and pretty muscular. He has medium-length hair and light green eyes. He's pretty handsome but he's majorly flirtatious. He flirts with you when ever he has a chance, too.
  8. "Hey cutie, you sure are lookin' good today," Adam said. "Thanks." you replied, blushing just a little. Then Brad walks over to you. His face was unreadable but his eyes said anger. He and Adam don't really get along much, because Brad has temper-issues and he doesn't like people to flirt with me. Hes a little possessive, but you kinda ignore that fact. He snorted and said "Hey, back of my girlfriend." "What are you going to do about it?" Adam said, Closing the little space between him and Brad by stepping closer. Brad pulled his arm back, and went to take a swing at Adam. Erik walked up and grabbed Brads arm to make him stop. It surprised you. Erik is a think guy but he has muscles. He's tall, about 5'11" and has dark black, Medium-length hair. He also has gorgeous, deep blue eyes. But he's more of a shy guy. Which is why it surprised you that he was the one to break up the fight. He's in your forth hour, but you haven't really talked to him.
  9. After the guys calm down, Adam walks away. Brad is just standing there, staring after Adam. Obviously still wanting to fight. He looks over and watches you walk to Erik who is smiling at you as you're walking. "Hey, Erik. Thanks for doing that..." you said. "oh, no problem. You were right next to them and I didn't want you to have to get into the middle of that and get hurt." He smiled at you again. You can't help but smile back at him, staring into his blue eyes. You shake yourself mentally and start to walk away "well I better get going. Don't want to be late for class." you said, you glanced at Brad, who was obviously mad about you talking to another guy, then looked back to Erik. "Okay... See you in fourth hour" Erik says to you, still smiling.
  10. The bell rings right before you get to the door of your second hour. You sigh, knowing you're going to get into trouble. This is your sixth tardy in the past couple weeks, and Mr.Smith is not very happy about that. As you walk in Mr.Smith looks at you and says "_____! That's Six Tardies! See Me after class!" You nod in agreement.
  11. Sorry about how that was kinda boring.. Me and my cousin are working as hard as we could to make it interesting. It'll get better later, Promise. We'll also try to get one out at least once a week. :] So who are you interested in so far?

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