Complicated Difference part 26

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last... You and the guys finally arrived home after your meeting with Marly about the book. You see the door smashed in, and Erik asks Paul to scan the house..

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  1. A minute passes as Paul concentrates, "I can sense something..." he says quietly and cautiously, "someone's in there still... Stay quiet, he doesn't know we're here. I can tell that he's angry, and he's thinking about..." Paul stops there, eyes widened, "How does he know?" he whispers to himself. "Know what?! What are you talking about?" Erik states, becoming slightly annoyed, getting worse, "Adam would you stop that all ready!" You look over at Adam who's shaking, but barely. After hearing Erik, Adam starts shaking more, getting angrier. The situation is getting more dangerous and they're becoming louder as they speak. Wesley is pulled into this argument, and even you start feeling bothered by it all.
  2. Suddenly, everything becomes silent. There's a relaxed atmosphere around the five of you. "Finally..." Paul stated in a whispered tone, "I'm pretty sure he knows we're here because I'm not the one who made all of you go on some angry rampage." "Guess we're dealin' with him again," Wesley commented. Paul unsheathed his sword, "Yes, and he's after the book."
  3. "So, what's the plan here?" you ask. "Well we aren't supposed to use our powers in this area... but who's gonna know?" Wesley remarks. Adam says, looking straight at the house, "Can't I just go rip him to pieces? Please?" "No... at least not yet... I'm not sure how this is going to play out," Erik says, "______ has the book with her, I don't think any of us want to put her in danger."
  4. "He's still there," Paul says, "I can't tell whether he's still searching for the book or waiting for us. We might as well go inside. But, ______, I don't want you to be stuck in a bad situation." You think for a second, and then focus on the energy inside of you. You turn yourself invisible (along with your sword and the book), "I'll be fine," you reply. Unsure, he nods his head and turns to face the smashed front door.
  5. The guys walk inside and you follow behind. You're so anxious it's hard to concentrate. Looking around you, everything is a wreck... Things are smashed, broken, ripped open or ripped apart, thrown in random places... He was searching pretty thoroughly for that book, the one that you have in your grasp. You make sure to keep focus on maintaining your invisibility, knowing that it wouldn't be good to appear near this guy, especially since you're holding something that he's desperately wanting.
  6. You hear footsteps behind you. You turn around to see a man you don't recognize. He stops and stands in the middle of the room you all are currently in. "Where's that book?" he asks in a dark tone of voice. You quietly walk behind the guys, not wanting to be caught in the middle or to even be close to this guy. "We don't know what you're talking about," Wesley states. "I'm pretty sure you do. It's here, I know it is," this guy replies. "Really? What book might this be, then?" Wesley asks. "The one that was in the attic," he answers, as if that was common knowledge. You think to yourself "˜how did he know that?' and hope to find out sometime soon. Wesley looks surprised, as do the rest of the group, and Wesley comments, "Well, why don't you tell us more about yourself first, then we'll give you the book you're wanting." You and most of the guys are shocked, you wonder why he would say such a thing and if he would really do that. The one guy in the group that looks completely fine is Paul, of course, he's standing right next to you and could obviously hear your thoughts. He very quietly whispers, "Don't worry," and leaves it at that.
  7. "All right," this guy says, "My name is Daymian. I was sent here to get this book. I'm one of the best trackers in the world, that's how I know this is the house that has the book. I found that out easily." It gets quiet for a few short seconds, and Wesley asks "Who do you work for?" "Ah," Daymian begins, "That I can't answer. Anyways, I've told you the basics of who I am, now you need to give me the book." Wesley nods his head and begins to turn, but Paul blurted out "I'll get it." Wesley said, "Okay," and turned back to face Daymian. Paul moved toward the stairs, nudging you on his way and glancing back at you, letting you know that you should follow.
  8. You follow Paul up to the small attic room. You relax and release your energy, now you're visible. "________," Paul looks at you, "Keep the book with you, once I leave this room you need to teleport to HQ." You're surprised, "But I don't want to leave you guys here." He gives you an understanding look, but says, "We'll be okay. Once you get to HQ, tell Marly about all of this. I'm going to give Daymian a different book; it'll be in a case that will take him some time to open. I expect he'll leave with it before checking, and that'll give Marly time to gather a group before Daymian comes back." You nod in agreement and Paul, with a book in hand, leaves the attic to get a case from a different room. You reluctantly teleport to HQ.
  9. You get to the lobby and see Davis. He's shocked and is about to get after you about using your powers in the area, but you cut him off by saying "It's an emergency, where is Marly?" Davis then pulls a phone from his pocket as you follow him to the elevator. He's talking in some sort of code that you don't know. Both of you end up running down that small hallway, and he swipes his card quickly, bursting through the door before you do. Marly is standing there, impatiently waiting to hear the problem. You're unsure of what's going on back at the house, or if the plan went as it was supposed to. You toss the book onto the table, look at Marly and say, "We need your help."
  10. Who do you like?

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