Complicated Difference Part 35

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You learned about Wesley while out on patrol with him. He gently kissed your forehead and told you that he trusts you. Once it became darker, you and Erik were on shift. He asked, "Would you like to know about me?"

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  1. You nod your head. He begins his story... "I don't remember anything before a few years ago. I'm not sure why. It's all blank to me; the first thing I remember was as if I woke up from a deep sleep. I awoke in a meadow. I was just lying there on the ground, the tall plants swaying around me and the blue sky above. I just laid there for a while, watching the clouds pass by."
  2. "This elderly man approached me. He was tall and had many wrinkles, his hair white and long. He told me that I had a purpose... that I was meant to be a guardian angel. I followed him back to this small house out in the countryside. He taught me so many things. Then it was time to actually be the guardian of someone."
  3. "Your father chose me... Really, I was available, and you were one of the choices I had. He knew that and wanted me to help protect you. Of course I wasn't going to say no. I may not remember my past, but I had some knowledge from it. I knew who your father was."
  4. "Anyways, that's when I began attending your school. I always kept an eye on you but never approached; I'm not really supposed to unless I have to. Well, I had that sensation that something was wrong. I realized it was between Brad and Adam. Both of them are such hot heads I should've seen a fight coming anyways. You were too close to them, so I stepped in. That's when we actually met..."
  5. "I didn't really like Adam at first. But I could tell what he was, and I'm sure he could tell I was a bit different too. We ended up talking about it, and realized we were both there to help you, and that we're both included with the more-powerful world. So, from that day forward we decided to work together. Soon after that we were contacted by the leaders, and well... you know the rest."
  6. You talk a little longer as you wander around the area. It's the sky is dark now, the sun no longer there, and you get to a thicker area of the forest. You hear the sound of your footsteps, along with the waves smashing against the sand and the little insects or animals nearby. Other than similar noises, it's rather silent. It's also difficult to see what's around you, but you try to be as quiet as possible in order to listen for movement.
  7. You look to your left and see a figure standing next to you. You scream but stop short, realizing it's only Erik once you hear his voice, "Shh, it's just me."
  8. "I was thinking we should split up," he says, "that way we could search in more than one area in case there's something here tonight." You reluctantly agree to this plan of his, and the two of you go separate ways. The storm starts up again, though the trees surrounding you seem to shield you from the downpour, at least a little bit.
  9. You begin walking toward the beach... Suddenly, you feel someone grab you. You're lifted from the ground and you begin struggling with whoever this person may be. Screaming and yelling for help while desperately trying to break free of this human's grasp. Something is blocking your powers because you can't teleport to a different location. You try to reach your sword but someone takes it away... and you've run out of options. You're being carried off somewhere, and you end up blacking out during the fight to break free...
  10. Who do you like?

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