complicated difference part 4

My cousin and I are working together to make this story. This is our first quiz/series. We are basically new to this whole thing, and we also love the feedback we are getting from everyone. We're happy that our series is interesting to all of you, and we appreciate comments on it. Thank you :D

Okay, so it left off where you just talked to Erik about how he's your guardian angel, but you still don't know about Adam. Then as you're getting dressed there's a knock at your door. And by the way, this one is longer than the others.

Created by: pixystixlove94

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  1. As the door began to open you quickly grab your nightgown to cover yourself. But it wasn't really that big of a nightgown. It was kinda short and small. So it didn't cover much. You look up and see Adam standing in the door, looking at you with wide-eyes. "Uh... I uhhh... Umm.. I'm so... uh. I'm so sorry." He says to you, while he covered his eyes and turned around. "You scared me half to death Adam!" you exclaim. Then you feel your face getting hot, and you knew your face was turning red. "˜He just pretty much saw me naked!' You think to yourself, and then you say to him "Go outside and wait for me!" he nodded, still turned around, walked out and shut the door. You sigh.
  2. You put the nightgown on the rest of the way then open your door. You feel a rush of air as you open the door. It ruffles your nightgown. You look down and see Adam is sitting on the ground his face in his hands. But when he looks up at you, you see he's smiling. Then he says to you again "oh! _____, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to... I was just trying to..." You cut him off "its okay. You can come in now, if you want..." He smiles at you again, gets up, and then walks into your room. He walks in and sits on the edge of your bed. You stand in front of him and say "What was it you wanted, Adam?" "Well, I'm assuming Erik has already talked to you. So I decided it was my turn" He said to you, as he gave you a little bad boy smile. Ohh boy.
  3. "Well, let's talk then." You say while grabbing a chair to face him. "Did Erik tell you what he was?" he asked you. You nodded at him, remembering the conversation you had not too long ago. "And did he tell you what I was?" He went on. You shook your head. Your stomach was flipping around on your insides and you were afraid that if you spoke it would jump right out your mouth. "Would you like to know what I am?" He asked you, with a look of worry in his eyes. You nodded again and looked down at your hands that seemed to have folded themselves in your lap. You heard his deep sigh and he said "______, I'm a were-tiger." You looked up at him. He looked into your eyes, and you could tell he did not want you to be afraid.
  4. "Wow..." Seemed to be the only thing that you were able to reply. Your mind was racing and couldn't quite think of anything else to say. He leaned over and rested a hand on your leg. The thoughts you were thinking ran out of your head as you looked into his gorgeous green eyes. "Are you afraid?" He asked you. "No..." you replied. Wanting to get lost in his look forever. He smiled a warm, love-filled smile. The smile you like so much but haven't seen in a while. Then questions popped into your mind. "Are you like those scary were-wolves in the movies, but instead of a wolf you're a tiger?" You ask. "No and yes. In that order." He answered. "So you only turn when there is a full moon?" You ask. "Well, I can change anytime I want to or need to" –His look was serious then he looked back into your eyes and smiled, then continued– "But I have to change on the full moon. No matter what."
  5. "But I still don't want you to be scared of me." He added in a rush, like the thought scared him. Although he was still smiling you could see the worry in his eyes. "Don't worry. I'm not" You reply again, making the smile take over the worry that was in his eyes. Then, as if the moment was too perfect, he said "______, Do you have a sunburn? Or are you always this hot?" You couldn't help but smile at him. "Ha ha. That was soo funny..." You reply sarcastically, and then you both start laughing.
  6. "Well, I'll let you get some sleep. You look like you're going to fall asleep just sitting in that chair." He says to you in a joking way. That's when you noticed how truly tired you were. "Yeah.. Sure." You reply. You both stand up and head to the door. Before Adam leaves, he turns around and hugs you. "Thanks for not being afraid." He says to you, then kisses your forehead and walks away. "You're welcome." You reply to the spot he had been standing in, even though he's already gone.
  7. The next morning went by pretty fast. On your way from 3rd hour you noticed Adam standing at your locker. Once you get there you hear "You must be a parking ticket. "˜Cause you got "˜Finee' written All over you." He smiled the smile you like so much. "Nice to see you, too, Adam." You say, slightly smiling. His face turned serious and he asked "So, You still with that jerk?" He nodded his head to where Brad was walking into his class room. "Umm, yeah." You say, not really knowing how to respond to the question. After having a little more small talk, you both went to your 4th hour class.
  8. You walk into class and automatically look at the seat Erik always sits in. And, like always, he was there. It looked like he was staring at his desk but you couldn't really tell. You went and sat next to him, and his head shot up. Then he realized it was you and a smile spread across his face. "Hey, ______." He said. "Hello, Erik. How are you?" You ask him, but before he can answer the bell rang.
  9. Class was over and you started to go to lunch. You and Erik walked together there. And once again, you parted when you got there. You talked to Adam in the lunch line then went to sit with Brad at the normal table. "Hey, babe." Brad said. "Hi... Haven't heard from you in a while." You reply. "Oh, Sorry. I've been... a bit busy" He said. Looking anywhere but at you.
  10. The rest of your school day seems to pass quickly and you're at your locker getting your things. You're running a little late, so as you walk to your car you notice that everyone has left already. Everyone besides one car, which is a dark green van with tinted windows that was parked across the lot from yours. You get in your car and decide to run a few errands.
  11. You go to the grocery store first to pick up a few things that you've run out of; like milk, bread, etc. You walk back out to the parking lot and glance around, searching for your car, you always seem to forget where you parked. As you're looking you think to yourself 'Hmm.. light blue truck.. silver car.. dark green van.. black hummer.. oh! there it is' and you walk over to your midnight-blue mustang.
  12. You put the groceries in the back seat and then get into the front seat. You had some money you could spend, so you decided to get a new outfit. You drive down to the clothing store and find a parking spot. Its pretty far back though, the place seems packed. You walk past a ton of cars and get into the store. All the clothing racks are full of clothes, a bunch of different styles. You spend hours just trying on clothes, but you end up settling on...
  13. You pick your bags up off of the counter after paying and then head out the doors. It's dark now and the outside lights are on. You're surprised to find the parking lot empty. Though as you walk towards your car you notice it's not the only one in the lot. Theres one across the lot from you, and it's a dark green van, with tinted windows. Suddenly it clicks in your mind that it's the same van you saw at the school and that you even noticed it at the grocery store.
  14. You walk to your car, open the back door, and place the bags inside. Then you shut the door and turn to open the front door. You sit down in the driver's seat and turn the key. The car won't start. You try a few more times, and still nothing. You start to feel your pockets, searching for your phone. It's not there. As you grab your purse you remember that you left in on your desk back at the dorms when you were in a rush this morning.
  15. You had to call someone or do something, you couldn't just sit there all night. You looked around the dark, dimly-lit area and saw a pay-phone. You had loose change in your pocket left over from buying the new outfit, and you decided that using the pay-phone was all you could really do. You got out of the car and started towards it, looking over your shoulder as you walked. As you started pushing in Brad's number (it was the only one that came to mind at the time) you were grabbed from behind.

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