complicated difference part 6

My cousin and I are working together to make this story. This is our first quiz series. We are basically new to this whole thing, and we also love the feedback we are getting from everyone. We're happy that our series is interesting to all of you, and we appreciate comments on it. Thank you :D

Okay, so you were just recently saved by Erik and Adam. They make plans to start training you soon. Then, after they leave, Kayla calls to make plans. You leave down to your car to meet up with Kayla, when you see the man you haven't seen in years...

Created by: pixystixlove94
  1. "_____! Oh, I haven't seen you in forever!" he exclaims. You mentally shook yourself out of that feeling of shock and ran up to him. Hugging him tightly, you say "I've missed you, dad!" "I've missed you too, ______," he says with a sad smile.
  2. "What brings you here?" you ask, with a worried look on your face. "I know you've been in some trouble lately, and that you've gained your powers, and now I guess I just feel like more is going to happen. I guess I just wanted to make sure that you're okay," he says. "Yeah, I'm fine, dad." you say, "there has been a few problems, but I'm fine now." "Okay, well I sure hope so," he replies with a smile, then continues, "I see that you're leaving somewhere, I'll have to visit again sometime. I'm staying at a hotel a few hours away, so I'll see you soon, okay, pumpkin?" "Yeah dad, I'll see you soon then," you reply, a litle annoyed with the nickname, but he's always called you that, and you didn't want to hurt his feelings. You hug your dad, and he leaves.
  3. You leave to go to the restaurant where you're supposed to meet up with Kayla. She was early, so she was already sitting at a table waiting for you. "Hey, _____! We haven't hung out like this in a while!" "Yeah, sorry 'bout that, got a lot going on lately," you reply. "Well that's understandable," she says, and you both pick up the menus. You make your orders and resume talking about many random things, as best friends tend to do. You wish you could tell her about all that's happened to you, but how would you explain that you have powers, and that Adam is really a were-tiger, and that Erik is really your guardian angel? You just couldn't. She would think you were crazy.
  4. After you finish your meals, you both leave to go to the movie theater. You're excited because you've been wanting to see this movie for a while. You buy a drink, some popcorn, and, of course, a ticket. As you and Kayla find seats in the crowded theater, you notice that Brad is sitting a few rows in front of where you two are. He's sitting with a few people, including a girl that's getting a little too close to him. "Ugh!" you say in a hushed tone as anger fills your body. "What?" Kayla asks, in that same hushed tone. "Brad. He's right down there, and that...that...girl needs to get away from him!" you replied. "_____, calm down. It's probably not what you think. See? He's leaning away from her now." Kayla said. "Yeah, he'd better be, otherwise this drink is going to be poured over his stupid head," you muttered.
  5. The movie started and that was all you put your mind to. You forgot about the incident until the credits rolled on the screen. You glanced toward the direction Brad was sitting, but he wasn't there anymore.
  6. You say bye to Kayla once you walk out the main doors of the building. You noticed it became dark outside while you were in the theater. You start walking towards your car and suddenly something hit you from behind, and everything went black...
  7. You regained consciousness and noticed you were in some sort of vehicle. It definitely wasn't your car, or any sports car. It looked so familiar in here, though... That's when the little invisible lightbulb clicked over your head; you knew what you were in. It's Brad's mini-van.
  8. You remembered how he used to always say that it was just because he had to take his sister ro her sport practices. Honestly, though, you don't remember him having a sister... Then the sliding door of the van started to open. It jerked your mind to the here-and-now and you froze with fear. With the light that turned on what the door opened, you could see that it was Brad. You went to hit and kick and scream, but realized that you couldn't. You had tape over your mouth, and your hands and feet were bound with rope. You screamed obscenities at your "boyfriend" but the sound was muffled, so it really was no use.
  9. Suddenly, you hear a few muffled sounds outside of the van. Brad smiles at you, then shuts the door. You start thrashing around, but it does no good. Then, the sliding door of the van was ripped off it's hinges...
  10. Who do you like?

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