complicated difference part 5

My cousin and I are working together to make this story. This is our first quiz/series. We are basically new to this whole thing, and we also love the feedback we are getting from everyone. We're happy that our series is interesting to all of you, and we appreciate comments on it. Thank you :D

okay, so far you were shopping and stuff when you noticed a green van following you. You tried to drive away after finishing your stuff but the car doesnt start. You go to use the pay phone but someone came from behind... *makes ghost sounds*

Created by: Kaely&Dee
  1. You tried to scream but their hand covered your mouth. You kicked and punched and struggled but nothing loosened their grip on you. They threw you into the back of a van, that green one you figured, and drove off. You started panicking; you didn't know what to do. You ended up blacking out.
  2. You were going in and out of consciousness. You noticed that the van abruptly stopped. A few seconds later you heard a low growl that sounded almost like a hiss. "˜maybe a dog?' you thought to yourself... then you heard a loud snarl that sounded like something you've only seen in movies, "˜nope, definitely NOT a dog,' you thought.
  3. All of a sudden the back doors of the van are pulled open and you see a cute guy, but your vision was blurry and the light was dim. You were unable to really see him. "_____! Are you okay?!" You try to reply but your voice seemed to be stuck in your throat. The guy reached in the van and picked you up. You look over and see this huge tiger, there were blood-stains all over him. "Let's get you out of here," the guy says to you, then turns and says "hey, I left some clothes over there, I'm taking _____ home, I'll be back!" obviously speaking to the massive tiger. You see the animal sort of nod its head in agreement.
  4. The guy opens the passenger door of his car and carefully sets you down in the seat, then buckles you in. He shuts the door and walks around to the other side. As he gets in you can finally see his face under the car lights. It's Erik. "_____, did he hurt you? Are you all right?" he asks. "He didn't hurt me... who was it? Where did he take me? What was he going to do? Was I seeing things or was that really a tiger? How'd you know where to--" "_____," -he cut you off,- "We'll explain everything tomorrow morning, for now you need rest. Also, we don't have school tomorrow."
  5. "Okay... what about my car? It's still in the parking lot where he took me from," you say. "Well after I get you home I have to go back to help Adam, who rode with me. So, I'll have to drive this back but I'll have Adam drive your car back to your place, before morning." Erik replies. "Okay..." you said, your eyelids getting heavier by the second.
  6. Erik pulls into a parking spot in front of the dorms. "Want me to walk you there?" He asks. "Yes, please!" you answer, not quite happy with the fear and the need in your voice but scared that something else might happen. He walks you to your room like you wanted. "What time are you coming tomorrow?" you ask. "Probably around noon, if that's okay...?" he answers. "Yeah, sure." You say. He kissed your forehead and left. You made sure to lock the door, and then went to set your alarm to 10:30am. You realized it's only 9 o'clock, but you're exhausted. You're so tired that you don't even change; you just crawl into bed and sleep like you've never slept before.
  7. You have nightmares in the night. Ones about an evil were-tiger and an evil angel, or ones about the kidnapping and you not getting away. Finally, you were woke up by the sound of your alarm. It's Thursday morning. You're not sure why school was cancelled for today, but you're glad. You stretch as you stand up, and then you look out the window. It was a beautiful day, and your car was indeed there, still looking nice. You walk outside to get the bags out of your car and walk back to your room. You pull out your new outfit and lay it on the shelf in the bathroom, then you take a shower. You eat breakfast after you get out of the shower, then blow-dry your hair, put make-up on, and brush your teeth. Once the guys arrived you were all ready.
  8. There's a knock at the door and you open it to see Adam and Erik's smiling faces. "_____, I know you're not a grocery item, But I am checking you Out!" Adam says, with a grin. You just laughed and let them both in. You sat down on your bed, and they pulled up chairs to face you.
  9. "So, _____, what are you wanting to know about last night?" Erik asks. "Everything," you answer. The guys look at each other and silently decide Erik could talk first. "Okay, well, I knew something was wrong, since I am your guardian angel. I was hanging out with Adam all day because I had a bad feeling, and I knew if something happens I would need his help, too. I didn't tell you about the bad feeling because sometimes it's just a false alarm, and I also didn't want to scare you. Once that feeling became stronger I knew something was wrong, so we drove to where I sensed you were. We arrived at the parking lot just as the van started driving away, and we followed it." Erik said. Then Adam started in, "The van stayed on back streets so I jumped out of the car to change into my other form, since I wanted to chase the van on foot, or paw to be literal," he said with a slight smile, then began again "Erik and I followed this guy as best as we could and I finally caught up to him in an alleyway. I ran in front of the van as Erik drove up behind; so the guy was trapped. I took care of him while Erik went to get you out of the van. We're not sure who the man was though." He said, with an unreadable expression. He then said "_____, you have no idea what he was planning to do to you, I'm glad we got to you on time."
  10. "And yes, you could've used your powers if you were more experienced with them, but you've just recently found out about that, and we haven't been able to train you yet." Erik said. "But we see that we need to start doing that," Adam added. "Yeah... my teleportation and invisibility might have helped me out a bit there..." you replied. Erik said "Yes, but you also have to find some way to be calm before you could use them, it takes concentration _____. So you might not have been able to yesterday, but this training will help a lot."
  11. "We'll start training you tomorrow, after school. Erik and I will take turns, since we both can help you with it." Adam says. "Okay, sounds good," you reply. They stay for a while longer and then leave to do a few things they need to do.
  12. Shortly after they leave, your phone starts to ring. It's Kayla, your best friend, and she wants to go somewhere today. "Let's go out to eat today, around three?" she asks, in her light and optimistic voice. "Sure!" you exclaim. You two make plans to go to a local restaurant and then to the movies afterward to see the latest comedy movie. You walk down to your car at about 2:30, which would give you extra time to get there, and even be a bit early. As you look up from the sidewalk to your car you see the man you haven't seen in years.
  13. Who do you happen to like so far?!

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