Tonight Tonight Part 8

Hey guys, please give me suggestions on how to make my series better! I haven't been posting very much, so whatever you want to happen in the next release, tell me and I'll try my best to make it happen! Thanks guys for taking my quiz(es)!

Well, I don't know what to say, so I'll just post random lyrics from songs that I like! Ready- There's a want, and there's a need. There's a history between, girls like you and guys like me. Cowboys and angels. Ok, new one- There's a, little bit of devil in her, angel eyes. She's a, little bit of heaven with a, wild side. She's, got a rebble heart of country, mile wide. She's a, little bit of devil in her angel eyes, she's a little bit of devil in her, angel eyes.

Created by: Samantha2332

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  1. First, before we start, the Carter and Drew results were switched. So if you end up getting Carter, it's really Drew. And if you end up getting Drew, but you like Carter, the name is Drew, but the result is Carter.
  2. Recap: You were kissing Drew after you agreed to be his girlfriend.
  3. You slowly pulled away. Seconds later, you opened your eyes. You looked at Drew and smiled. You couldn't help but notice how cute his smile was as he stared into your eyes. You blush and look at you feet. Then, he kisses your forhead and takes your hand. Your smile widens and he pulls you downstairs, where you see the one person that you didn't have the guts to talk to at the moment. Carter. He looks up at you, and you hide your face behind Drew's shoulder. Carter frowns at your reaction. You saw a glint in his eyes, that looked like tears forming, but you thought that it was obsurd, the thought of him crying just at the site of you. You were suprised when he spoke. His voice cracked as he asked to speak to you, alone. You were unsure, but you released Drew's hand to follow him. Before you walked towards Carter, you gave Drew a quick peck on the cheek to assure him that it was okay.
  4. Drew let you go, but he didn't like it. You walked to Carter and he led you to a wide open room with lots of people in it. You two sat at a small, square table at the back of the room. The seat was warm due to the window shining sunlight down on it. You looked around and took in all the beauty of the ballroom. You felt Carter's eyes on you, so you looked back at him. "So what did you need?" you asked politely. "Well, Samantha, you know I still really like you, and, I just wanted to talk to you about what's been happening. I mean, your new career, our break up, and your new boyfriend," he said. "Okay, let's start with my new career. It's a dream come true for me, anda once in a lifetime opportunity. Our break up was dramatic, and totally uncalled for on your part. You cheated on me, and there for, a damn is not given. And my new boyfriend. Drew is a good guy whom I believe will NOT cheat on me. He is sweet, and makes me feel special. He treats me right, and even though I haven't known him for long, I trust him. And that's more than I can say for you. Shelby approves of him, and Jake approves of him. He thinks I'm talented and beautiful, and that's all I have to say about that!" you exclaimed. Carter sits frozen, shocked. His eyes are wide and his mouth is hung open. You stand up and walk away. You notice that everyone had heard everything that had been said. The peopes eyes slowly turned towards him. He blushes, and an old man goes to sit next to him. "Hello sir," Carter smiles. "Hello. May I ask you a question?" the old man asks. Carter nods his head. "Do you love her?" the man asks. Again, he nodded. "I messed up sir. I kissed another girl while we were dating. I don't know why, but I did. But that wasn't the first time. I had kissed girls all the time before we came here. I didn't realize how much I wanted her, until she wasn't mine," Carter admitted.
  5. The man scoffed. "Son, you messed up big time! Beyond repair. Her heart's probably broken right now! Now you listen to me. I have a daughter, and she has a daughter that's fifteen. If anything were to happen to my little angels, I'd kill the punk. I suggest you start over and find someone else, 'cause she's not gonna want you back. Trust me," he muttered. "Yes sir," Carter gulped.
  6. The man walked out of the room, and over to the doors where you had exited. When you had left, you really only went to the other side of the doors. The old man saw you, and stood by you. "Sweetheart, are you okay?" he asked worriedly. You nodded your head. "Did you hear all that?" he asked. Your head nods once more. "Then you should know not to go back to him. But you know what I also know?" he asks. "No sir," you answer. "I know this Drew kid. He is the grandson of a wise old man. You know who that man is?" he asked. "You," you geussed. "Yes ma' am. He's a good one, you should hold on to him for a while. He really likes you. All I ever hear from him now is, 'Oh Samantha's so pretty!' or 'Samantha this.' or 'Samantha that!'. You seem like a keeper," the old man said. You smiled, slightly blushing at the idea of Drew rambling on about you. "Thanks," you whisper. The man nods.
  7. You walk away thinking of the old man. He seemed kinda mysterios, but not neccisarilly in a bad way. He was kind, and seemed good hearted. Was he telling the truth though? Was he really Drew's grandfather? You weren't sure. He seemed absolutly nothing like Drew....Or Justin for that matter. While you were walking, you ran into someone. You looked up and saw Drake. He smiled and then looked down. "Sorry," he whispered. "Oh, it's fine. More than likely my fault," you said. He puts his hands in his pockets. "Samantha, I'm really happy for you. About everything! Your new carrer, Drew. I'm just happy that you're happy," he said. You smile. "Thank you, Drake. You don't know how glad Iam to hear you say that. Carter is kinda giving me a hard time about all of it. You're a really good friend. That's really what I need right now, a good friend," you said. He smiled back. "You know I'll always be there for you, and I'll try to be this friend that you need right now. If Carter is giving you a hard time, it's because he's jealous. He still loves you. You can't blame him. I can't imagine how hard it is for him, to have to get over someone like you," Drake said. A tear came to your eye and you hugged Drake. He was the sweetest best friend in the world. You pulled away and kissed his cheek. He was like your brother. You would call him tat if you didn't already have one.
  8. He smiled as you walked away. You walked to your room, where you found Shelby lying on the bed. You told her everything that had happened, from when Carter asked to speak to you alone, to kissing Drake's cheek. By the end of the story, you were in tears. Shelby hugged you tight and stroked your hair. She told you to lay down, relax, and take a nap to get your mind off of Carter. You did just that, and in your dream, there was a girl who was so fragile and inoscent. She was crying, and it only took you a second to realize that the girl, was you. You were in the center of a garden in the most beautiful ball gown. Your hair was curled and you had on silver high heels. Onthe east side of the garden, was Drew. On the north side of the garden, was Justin. On the west side of the garden, was Drake, and on the south side of the garden, was Carter. They were all holding the most beautiful wedding rings, each one different, but all equally beautiful.
  9. The boys start to move closer, and closer, and closer towards you. They kept getting closer until...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!
  11. Well, all good things must come to an end! And if you're a Harry Potter fan, please be looking out for my new Harry Potter series that'll be released soon.

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