Tonight Tonight Part 7

I'm sorry guys, that I didn't post this sooner! I don't know what happened, I geuss I just forgot. But that's not an excuse! I hope you enjoy! And the faster you comment and the more opinions you give, the faser I can be dont with the next one!

I promise I will post at least one every week on minimum! Please please PLEEEAAASSSEEE! Comment soon! Again I apologize! If it's been a while since I've posted and you see me in the forums, yell at me or something!! Please, I give you permission!

Created by: Samantha2332

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  1. Recap: You were running after Carter when he turned around and...
  2. Burst into tears. "Carter, I know it seems like I'm running away from you, but I'm not. You know this is a dream come true to me, so why cant you just be happy for me?" you asked. "Maybe because I never really got over you! Or maybe because your beautiful! Or maybe because I'll never find another girl quite like you Samantha!" screamed Carter, tears swiftly falling from his eyes. You felt bad, so you hugged him, but Drake came and broke it up. "Excuse me, but can I speak to Samantha for a minute?" Drake asked awkwardly. Carter said nothing, but backed away and slowly walked off. Drake grabbed your hand and led you to the lobby.
  3. "Samantha, I know you probably don't feel the same way, but I really like you, alot actually. I've thought you were beautiful since the first time I saw you, and then I got to know you, and..." he was cut off by Drew. "Samantha, come here, it's urgent!" Drew said. You quickly jumped off of the couch, and ran over to Drew. You followed him up the stairs and into his now empty room. "Samantha, I know we don't really know eachother well, but we should. And I was wondering if... youwouldlike to be mygirlfriend!" he said, his words running together.
  4. You stood there, shocked, not knowing what to say, but you know you like him, and that's all you could think about. "Okay," you whisered. Drew perked up and slowly started to get closer to you, and you to him. You were finally face to face, you didnt kiss, but rested your forheads against eachothers. Then Shelby and Jake walked in and scrame in unision, "Just kiss her already!" And that's exactly what he did. It was passionate, yet soft, and slow. It was perfect!
  5. I know, this one is really short, but I really needed to post it` right?
  6. Hi guys, again I apologize for not posting this up!
  7. The next part is coming soon, but you have to comment about who you like, if you want something special to happen, if I should just give up, ect. comment please please pleeeeaaaassseeee!
  8. Please take my Beauty and the Beast Love Story quiz! Its really Beasty! And Beautyly!
  9. Hope you guys liked it!
  10. Bye!

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