What Type Of Angel Are You?

Hi and welcome to my angel quiz. Since I don't know what else to say I will recommend some more of my quizzes. My best quiz I think is What Magic power do you have? It is quite good. Look on my User page to find some more!

So you wanna find out what type of angel your are? If you do then simply take this quiz! Its as easy as 123! Go on then! What are you waiting for! You want to know what type of angel you are don't you?

Created by: secret8
  1. Ok, There Is Two Things I would Like To Say, One: Guardian Angels Are On The GOOD Side So They Have A Halo And Two, If You Have A Halo, The Way It Looks Matches Your Wings. Ok?
  2. First, Out Of These, Whats Your Favourite Colour?
  3. What Do You Think Of Evil?
  4. Someone Just Tripped You Up. You:
  5. Are Your Good Or Evil?
  6. Lollipop!
  7. What Would You Do If You Saw A Bleeding Man Dying On The Floor? There Is Nobody Around Btw.
  8. Pick A Word.
  9. Lets Go Steal That Thing By That Window!
  10. Last Question! What Do You Think Of My Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Angel am I?