Will you grow old to be a lunitic or an angel?

There are many who worry about there future and many who fear there future. But thanks to this quiz you wont have to worry anymore. Its fun creative and well... fun!

I can tell whether your gonna be a phyco or an angel by just these few questions on this quiz. I hope you like it,and please comment or rate if you like. Goodluck ;]

Created by: happy weeks
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  1. Do you store mostly all of your savings in the bank?
  2. Have you ever been depressed and thought about suicide?
  3. Is it a bother to you to share anything of yours to people in need(even the smallest stuff)?
  4. Whta is your favorite color out of these?(sorry i could only put 6).
  5. Have you ever had a past death in your family that you just cant get over?
  6. Have you ever attempted to kill someone?
  7. Have you ever been cheated on and or dumped horribly?
  8. Do you often get sucked into hair-brained schemes by your friends?
  9. Have you ever plotted revenge against someone?
  10. Do you have horrible demonic dreams somtimes?
  11. Have you ever cheated on a test(dont lie.)?
  12. Do you sometimes feel like a child trapped inside an adults body?
  13. Last question(doesnt count) will you please comment and or rate?

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Quiz topic: Will I grow old to be a lunitic or an angel?