Will you be a fat adult?

Kids around the globe want to predict their future...will I be famous? Smart? Homeless? FAT? Kids these days don't worry much about stuff, but if you are worried for your future, wonder if you'll be fat.

What will you be when you grow up? Will you be a skinny guy (or girl)? A guy (or gal) that loves food? What will you be? Take this quiz to find out what you will be!

Created by: Chubby

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  1. Are you happy with your current "belly size"?
  2. What do people call you?
  3. Tuck your shirt in, does your belly hang over?
  4. Tuck your shirt in, and pull it up all the way. Does your belly shake?
  5. How much do you eat a day?
  6. How active are you?
  7. Where do you plan to live?
  8. Sit down and lift your shirt up, then pinch your belly. Can you pinch some fat?
  9. Out of these dining places, where would you eat?
  10. Cup both hands under your belly, can you pick it up?
  11. Are you interested in gaining weight (fat), or ever plan to?
  12. (This question does not harm your score) If the quiz says you will be fat, will you go on a diet?

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Quiz topic: Will I be a fat adult?