Do you have a big belly?

Bellies. We all have bellies, but how big are they really? We often take them for granted, and fill them with food, and fatten them up. The flabby things are great, arnt they?

This quiz will tell you how far that belly really is. That squishy abdominal goodness is fatter than you might think at first. Here is the true size of that baby

Created by: Gerry Fenz
  1. Stand up and look down, what do you see?
  2. What can you fit in your belly button?
  3. How does it feel when you lay on your belly?
  4. What you slap your belly, does it jiggle?
  5. Lay down and look toward your toes, what do you see
  6. How do people comment on your belly?
  7. Does your belly ever pop buttons on shirts?
  8. Stick your finger in your belly, how far does it go
  9. Do you ever gaze at your belly in the mirror?
  10. Lay down, lay a pool plate on your belly, make sure it has food on it, can you reach it with your mouth?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a big belly?