How big is your belly?

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People are always hungry. People are starving. Some people love their belly, weather it's big, or small. People will love it. If you have a big belly, you are probably loved the most for your giant orb.

But, you don't know what your belly average is? You are wondering... am I perfect with the others, am I too small? Am I too big? Or, do you just love big bellies? This quiz will let you find out in minutes!

Created by: mrmarioman
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  1. Stand up, and look down. What do you see?
  2. Sit down, and lean foward. How many 'fat rolls' do you have?
  3. Sit down and lean forward. What object can you fit in your belly button?
  4. Push your finger into your belly. How far does it go in?
  5. Lean forward and look down. Does your belly come in front of your belt?
  6. Do you have a muffin-top?
  7. Sit down, lean forward, and measure the length of your belly button.
  8. What is your waist size? (inches)
  9. Have you ever popped a shirt?
  10. How do you feel about your belly?
  11. What do your friends/family say/thing about your size?
  12. Are your pants/trousers tight?
  13. Slap your belly. Did it jiggle?
  14. How much do you eat a day?
  15. Do you have stretch marks on your belly?
  16. When you walk up the stairs, what happens?
  17. How round is your face?
  18. How big are your breats?
  19. How big is your buttocks? (Bottom, butt, bum... etc.)
  20. Lay down on your back, and look towards your toes. What do you see?
  21. When you go to the beach, what do you wear?
  22. Do you exercise?
  23. Have you gained, lost, or stayed in the same weight in the last month?

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Quiz topic: How big is my belly?