How big do you like your girls belly?

Ever wonder if you were attracted to bone thin girls or just want to see a big belyy pop some seams?or just wanna fatten up your dream girl well take the quiz

find out how big a belly you want on a girl and whether you want to see her ribs or wanna squeeze that belly and wach it pop those jean buttons right off

Created by: bobby
  1. You are on the beach and see a very skinny, pretty girl. You
  2. You see a girl running up to you and her belly jiggles up and down. You
  3. Your on a date with a girl and her belly is hanging over her pants about an inch or so. You
  4. On a date, a button pops off your girls pants and her belly spills out of her pants. You
  5. A girl is trying to get her jeans on but they wont button. You
  6. A girl is measuring her belly with measuring tape and weighing herself on the scale. The results you are hoping for are
  7. A plump girl asks you if shes fat. you say
  8. Your ideal girl has
  9. You feed your girl until
  10. you push your finger into your girls belly what do you feel

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Quiz topic: How big do I like my girls belly?