Should You Become Fat?

Have you ever wondered, what it's like to be fat? What it's like to have either a poochy belly with a muffin top or a cascading belly so you can't get out of bed? Try this quiz to see if being fat would be the new you!

(Warning: This is my VERY FIRST quiz so it may be absolutely terrible! Just comment after you finished and tell me if the quiz was any good! And say if you want me to create more quizzes or not!)

Created by: newtemis_scamander
  1. You wake up in the morning and feel some weight press down on you. You kinda feel like you're almost waddling to the mirror. You gasp in shock as you gained 25 extra pounds overnight! You are already starting to have a double chin, and extra flab is dangling off your arms. A muffin top is staring to form, which looks pretty cute! You scurry to your closet and try on a shirt that fit you yesterday, but suddenly it is WAY too tight! It rolls up your belly and some seams snap. What's your reaction?
  2. You have gained steady 10 pounds! You are looking cubby and you love it! When you go to school everyone stares at you like you're an alien from another universe. When you sit down at lunch, you open your lunch box and start to munch down on fries, soda, hamburgers and a milkshake. You mean friend Vivian just wants to bring you down. She crunches on her salad and says, "Ew! Lay off those carbs!" and pokes your fat with a fork. What's your reaction?
  3. You've packed on 25 extra pounds and are absolutely loving every last pound! Unfortunately your mother is getting on your case. She starts to notice how your buttons pop when you sit in the car, she starts to give you numbers for fitness trainers, dietitians, and a weight loss program. She confronts you one day and strait-up asks you: "Sweetie, shouldn't you loos some weight? Be normal again?" How do you react?
  4. Wow! After packing 40 pounds, you look really different! A thick double chin looks great! And your arms hang with a bunch of flab, your belly sits on your lap when you sit, and spills on you bed when you lay down. You waddle around the corner after class, when another chubby boy come up to you and says, "Lookin' big fatty!" And jiggles your belly flab for a second or two. How do you react?
  5. You go to your monthly doctor's appointment and you've put on 65 pounds! The doctor informs you that you'll be obese in less than a year! And immobile if you eat non-stop for six months! What's your reaction?
  6. Woah! You are still really big, and now you have a date. You find some jeans you had before you started to gain, and you barely squeeze them on, but manage to fit in them. You know if you eat a big dinner the button will pop! But boy! Those jeans make your thighs and butt look SO good, and they show off your growing gut. You decide to wear them anyways, and your date wants to get you a big meal, you can't resist. You order a 3 course meal and finish it all! (the plate is spotless!) You feel like a beached whale, but your date buys you a surprise dessert. You love a good dessert, so you gladly eat it. After three bites the button pops off and the zipper breaks. Your stomach is lying on your lap, and your date is starting at you in awe. How do you react?
  7. Now, you look in the mirror when you wake up the next morning, what do you look like?
  8. If someone is encouraging you to become fat, who is it?
  9. Ok, two more questions. Gender?
  10. Ok last one!! Age anyone? (no lying :3)
  11. Great! You're all done! What did you think of my first quiz?

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Quiz topic: Should I Become Fat?

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