Will you get fatter?

Many people love to have a chubby belly and all they want to do is eat and gain some pounds. This quiz will tell you if you will soon gain weight and grow a squishiey belly.

Hi if you like the feeling of your belly growing you should check out some belly inflation methods. It's really cool and fun watching your belly expand write in front of you.

Created by: Emzas

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  1. What body shape would you prefer most
  2. What is your current weight ?
  3. How much do you eat daily?
  4. How much do you exesize
  5. How big does your belly look when you sit down ( on a flat surface).
  6. Did you gain weight recently?
  7. How much weight have yo gained in the last month?
  8. Do you like the feeling of your belly being so heavy and chubby?
  9. Do you like being fat
  10. Have your clothes gotten a little tighter since last week.

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Quiz topic: Will I get fatter?